The TROY Blog Presents 100 Greatest Native Tongues Songs – MP3s

You wanted it, now you’re getting it! We’ve been bombarded with this request since the list dropped so without further ado here are the mp3s (+ bonuses) for you all. Remember the to best way to stay tuned into all our updates is by subscribing to our feed, which you can do by clicking here. When the links go down, you better be ready and there is no better place than T.R.O.Y.’s Skypager. The Re-Up gang is back and we’ll be sending out Skypager messages with fresh links and exclusive tracks that only Skypager members will have access to.

Click to read The TROY Blog Presents 100 Greatest Native Tongues Songs @Complex.com

The zip files are below (2 files), all mp3s are not tagged; however you get 105 total. Make sure you check out Complex for the entire list and spread the word.

Greatest Native Tongues Songs (Part 1)
Greatest Native Tongues Songs (Part 2)

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37 Responses to “The TROY Blog Presents 100 Greatest Native Tongues Songs – MP3s”

  1. Holly says:

    Thank you SO much. What a great present – much appreciated! I don’t know where the heck y’all find the time (as I stare at my piles and piles of unripped goodness…)

    Thqnk you again!

  2. ESEUNO says:

    Thank you for the blessing!

  3. cenzi says:

    excellent! much much much appreciated.

  4. hl says:

    Nice. I was hoping you guys would post this compilation. Thanks.

  5. beatjunkie299 says:


  6. qbd1 says:

    Yo. I see even the tape player is Earth Tone! ! !

    “Some tongues who lied and said we’d be Native till the end, nowadays we don’t even speak!” -Posdonuous

  7. Slick Vicious says:

    Woohoo! Xmas came early, I see… Big up TROY, greatly apppreciated!

  8. ddc says:

    damn you kia motoes for ruining my favorite song. i hope dres and mr. lawange got paid for it.

  9. Teddy C.D. says:

    Side note: Obviously, “The Choice is Yours (Revisisted)” is a classic, but does anyone else find the “Unhhh c’mon!” sample to be really freaking annoying sometimes? I mean, damn is that thing loud… It might be more annoying than the whistle in the video remix to NWAs “Express Yourself.”

  10. MoneyMarc says:

    Thank You!! Major Props! Big Ups!!!!!!

  11. scjoha says:

    This is great. Probably the most massive comp I ever saw on the net. Thanks!

  12. RFCancer says:

    Yes!!! I’ve yet to finish reading the list, and I was thinking of having a scavenger hunt, but thanks for the links

  13. you have done an incredible service to the world!

  14. Eddie Arkadian says:

    Ain’t that a *****!!!! I spent 5 days downloading each of these songs individually off of Complex and you release it on your site?! EPIC FAIL FOR ME!!! Can you at least them me what the bonuses are?

  15. Eddie Arkadian says:

    *tell me

  16. Thanks chaps, you are the kings of hip hop far as I’m concerned! i raise a glass of egg nog to you.

  17. michael says:

    thanks this is so damn dope
    are you doin anothers compilation of hip hop collectives?
    like the likwit crew man
    sorry for my languaje , I wonder if I’ll be wrong
    saludos from chile

    • Thun says:

      I can’t say too much but we’ve been commissioned for another list that’ll come out in March. It isn’t an artist collective list but we think you’ll enjoy it anyway. After that, who knows? Any suggestions?

  18. @lou_minoti says:

    i love troy blog its dope but no bueno I’ll dig for the gems myself, chi ali road runner (puberty mix), brain washed follower, sh fe emcee are the types joints i’m looking for!

  19. GoldTimer says:

    Any chance of reupping? Missed this first time round and it sounds epic!

  20. Nülsn says:

    Hey yo,
    i checked your blog and found really dope tunes listed, much lost stuff, fucking enjoied it, i felt there is one love so you might check this one out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13hl4mlgIhs
    we are independent underground artists…..
    peace out and big up for your blog 😉

  21. Milton Duggins Jr. says:

    I know I’m “Johnny Come Lately”, but P-L-E-A-S-E send me a new link for these mixtapes. The existing one does not work.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the great work on this blog!!!

  22. SdC says:

    Dope dope blog, congrats u’re doin’ a great job; thanks a lot for sharing.

    Keep up the good work and vibes

  23. Jarrod F. says:

    Any possible way to re-post/provide a mirror download?

  24. jazzy says:

    nice post but the links don’t work, i guess after a certain time of inactivity the link is deactivated, please activate , ps love the blog

  25. jamiestarr says:

    Please repost link

  26. beatnut says:

    please reupload !!!!!!!

  27. jay says:

    Please please ease please please pretty please re up…thank you in advance….

  28. bigchewp says:

    Please ‘re up

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