Touring The States: Detroit, MI

Well, there’s not much info about Big Dog himself, but i can tell you, but i can tell you few words about album.

Usually, most of the albums that appeared in Touring The States are some gangster smooth g-funk shit. This one is exactly like that. Speaking about surviving on Detroit streets, drug dealin’ and all that OG stuff.

Enjoy! Download link and tracklink are after the jump.

Big Dog – Call It What’cha Want (1995)

01. Intro (Skit)
02. I’m About To Come Up
03. Dope Dealer Capp Piller
04. Cheap Ass Nigga
05. Bud 2 (Skit)
06. You Mutha Fuckas Kill Me
07. West Side Sneak
08. Drug Related
09. 4-Real
10. They Set Me Up
11. Gymshoes (Skit)
12. What Up Dow
13. We Be The Shit
14. You Can’t Fuck Wit The Reals
15. Outro (Skit)

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