To Those Who Leave Comments On Old School Rap Videos On YouTube

Try shutting the fuck up every so often.

Sometimes, informed viewers provide useful contextual information for videos. They drop little tidbits that are interesting to music nerds. On occasion the actual artist or someone involved in the production of the song or the filming of the video shows up to enlighten us. This level of information exchange was unheard of not very long ago. It’s a beautiful thing, really. Or, it could be a beautiful thing, if only these comments weren’t buried beneath hundreds of flippant remarks, usually echoing the same trite idea:


Ad nauseam. On EVERY old rap video filmed between 1979 and 2002, from Cool C “The Glamorous Life” to Run DMC “Rock Box” to Arrested Development “Tennessee” to Lost Boyz “Renee” to Jay-z “H To The Izzo.” Every goddamned video is littered with these inane comments. Pick one at random if you don’t believe me. You’d think these idiots were somehow convinced that spamming YouTube video comment sections constituted a kind of digital age graffiti bombing mission.

I find it hard to believe that the majority of these comments are actually authored by people who were old enough to be appreciative fans of rap prior to 1998. I’d wager a decent amount of money that most of them are written by suburbanites under the age of 25 and/or Europeans.

Listen up, dunces: the ’80s and early to mid-90s were not all good. In urban areas of the US, those times were pretty rough. I know the Celph-Titled/Buckwild album has you all gassed thinking that you’d hop in a time machine and scoot on over to Bed-Stuy or Morrisania or Queensbridge in a heartbeat, but seckle. Talk to some older heads. Gain some perspective, some context. The music is great, sure, but idealizing the era as a whole is silly, new jack bullshit. So is conflating every movement and style from the highly diverse rap scene of those times. Also, not every old rap song is good; Lil’ Wayne has dozens of songs better than the entire Kid N’ Play discography. Move on. You sound like assholes lionizing artists and styles you barely understand. And if you are 30+ and you’re involved in this idiocy, you should be ashamed of yourself, for reasons too obvious for me to have to explain right now.

If you are involved in this behavior, I suggest that you try watching the videos without commenting. Step away from the keyboard. Listen the music. Study the visuals. Enjoy it. Let it breathe. It’s a blessing that it’s here for us to enjoy with ease. If you know someone who is involved with these activities, smack him upside his head. — Thun



201 Responses to “To Those Who Leave Comments On Old School Rap Videos On YouTube”

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  2. “Lil’ Wayne has dozens of songs better than the entire Kid N’ Play discography.”

    Crazy talk! 😀

  3. SET RULE says:

    Excellent observation Thun !!

  4. Teddy C.D. says:

    Noticed this years ago, sadly. I just thought complaining about mofoz complaining would be sort of a moot point, but I agree with your sentiments. Although, obviously the people complaining are right in that Lil’ Wayne sux, it’s just that they prefer telling you how much Lil’ Wayne sucks more than they enjoy the track.
    Hip-hop isn’t the only genre that has this. Substitute Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga for Soulja Boy and Lil’ Wayne and you pretty much have the majority of comments for any decent band.
    My personal favorite is when they mention Justin Beiber in an Onyx video. Or even a Raekwon video… Imagine that…

  5. Teddy C.D. says:

    By complaining, I meant if *I* complained. Not shitting on your post, which was pretty on point. Just to clarify.

  6. RFCancer says:

    I never understood how anybody get the feeling that they “MUST” post a comment on youtube. I usually ignore them and feel that all the comments should just be disallowed, but sometimes you wanna know more about the video and have to go thru the bullshit for it.

  7. Kace says:

    Yeah, you’d start thinking that repetitive nostalgia crap was entirely generated by spam-bots. But I’m afraid that any of this e-drivel we see in the comment section of Youtube videos is also merely one of the unavoidable annoying side-effects of any internet medium.

  8. HIP HOP HANS says:



  9. cenzi says:

    Your forum-infested-bork-xenophobia doesn’t have to spill into this site. You seem to intelligent, yet with those anti-European remarks you sound JUST as ignorant as the ones you are criticizing.

    And like Werner said: Crazy Talk. I just spent the whole of last week banging Kid N Play’s “Back to Basix” single over and over again, while I have not pressed play on any Lil Wayne tracks in a long time.

    • Thun says:

      I think you’re overreacting. I didn’t say that all Europeans must think this way. Nor did I advocate fear or hatred of Europeans for being European.

      I guessed, perhaps incorrectly, that people who idealize this era are probably removed from its strife, in that they are too young to remember it or live far away from it. Replace “Europeans” with “Iowans” or “Patagonians” then.

      In any event, there is no grand statement behind this post. It was meant to be purely cathartic. As other have pointed out, it is pretty useless t complain about groupthink and stupidity on the internet, as the medium itself is intrinsically hospitable to these things.

      As for Kid N Play we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

      • cenzi says:

        Hey, I thought I’d share the Kid N Play track that had me feinding (sp) for MANY years.


        they JUST uploaded it last week, and shit, it was such a trip going back to my younger years hearing this single. Two tracks really push hiphop to it’s borders.

        One is Wiz’s Going Back Remix: Lots of scratching and music bridges full of prime beats. An whoever doesn’t have DJ Wiz on there top 20 lists (not nearly top 5) maybe never heard any Kid N Play records.

        Second, and most important, is Marley Marl’s Live Remix. Marley blesses the single with TWO remixes!!! But the second is ugly and sounds like a left over beat from In Control Vol 2. The Live remix however has a BANGING bass. It rides like a train, non stop hypnotic bass line bumpin nicely for Kid and Play to rhyme back and forth, 80’s style.

        The video version, mad r&b remix, is pretty nice too. The commercial feel to it is non-threatening and it’s Teddy Riley wannabe bass lines and electric piano’s give this track that typical 90’s glow that just makes me wanna do the running man.

  10. PAS says:

    Cosign Cenzi, so everyone not on Thuns “approved places to come from”-list ie places Thun been/seen, dont know shit about hiphop? And a lot of dope hiphop comes from the suburbs, what do you mean?
    Please, poverty, struggle, oppression, strife and all the consequences from them are universal matters and not exclusive to a certain amount of areas. The understanding of hiphop culture is all over the world, didnt you know that?

    And why be annoyed over appreciative comments? Maybe you should judge the comment by its message, rather than the superficial form of it? There are for more disturbing views portrayed then to get frustrated over. But really, to blow a fuse over the slight idiocy of the comment section, when they are likely to be moronic in parts per definition, on damn near every forum, no matter what topic. Thats inane.

    Last, why post a youtube-comment on here? Not enough characters on youtube?

  11. andrew kay says:

    As much as I love this blog, the comment that most comments are made by Europeans is pretty ignorant, especially coming from such a parochial country as the U.S- if it didn’t happen here, it never happened, etc.

    The U.K, a part of Europe, is just as steeped in history about hip-hop and rap than New York or L.A ( as a for instance). In fact, many U.K heads know more about the obscure, golden nuggets of rap that even NY turned their nose up to (“Calm Down” by Most Wanted, 1989, Fever Records) springs to mind, as well as many others.

    Besides, Tim Westwood’s Capital Radio Show paved the way for many artists’ to shine overseas (thus augmenting their income). Westwood’s show is also considered one of the greatest shows for hip-hop ever, simply because it wasn’t tainted by rap radio politics of New York of the late 1980s.

    Besides, as a 38-year-old Londoner (who has lived in NY, as a student at NYU) i remember with fondness of the amount of quality product that came out month after month, when rap truly did matter, was creatively at the vanguard, both lyrically and musically. I lived through these great times.

    Nothing these days comes close. Forget Lil Wayne-even if he is saying something on his lyrics, the production grates- it’s over produced faux orchestration, to heighten emotions, but is soulless and devoid of creative hunger and thought.

    Anything Kid N Play did, using, if nothing else, soul samples and Ultimate Breaks and Beats, gives me more of a beat in my heat than that wanker Wayne. Moreover, most of the artists didn’t have videos back-in-the-day, which made the track, as a aural rather than visual pleasure, all the more exciting.

    Please, as a world-wide read blog, please don’t make such ignorant comments in future.

    • Thun says:

      It was a joke, dun. Relax. my ire was directed at the inane groupthink behind the comments. They really add nothing of worth to any discussion of these videos. The notion that we all need to return to ’87 is also a notion I was disdainful of, because who wants to return to the height of the crack wars?

      Keep rocking out to those Kid N’ Play records. More power to you.

  12. andrew kay says:


    I’m not hating on you. What you said was passionate. It’s a disagreement. The blog in general, is sound. But call my comment a bar room defense of European heads into hip-hop. Merry Christmas! No hard feelings. I’m rollin’ with Kid and Play now….

    Never a truer word said in jest!

  13. Pooch says:

    I believe that the blind approving and appreciative comments of on those 80’s to 90’s videos are really just a show of appreciation and joy for an era where hip hop was still relatively new and untouched. At that point there weren’t as many artists that had been “corrupted” by the A&R’s to think about chart position and sales. They were more minded about being fresh and outdoing the next dude. To the cats who identify most with this era, they fondly reminisce about cyphas, ill-ass beats with samples that were obscure, animated emcees, true focus on lyrics. Unfortunately, for those who identify with that era, I believe that those people (who most identify with the “golden era”) have become busy with work, kids, and other responsiblities, and aren’t as easily finding the new music that still has the elements of their era. There are new cats that are releasing good stuff, that does hold a candle to the late eighties and mid-nineties. “We” just don’t know about it as much, because we’re not hanging with our boys all the time, anymore, just playing music.

    I believe that is generally the conviction that you are going find behind the comments on YouTube, they are out of appreciation, and also lacking the knowledge that there is still damn good hip hop being released. 2010 was a hell of a year for hip hop.

    And, No, no one wants to go back to living in the midst and conditions of the crack era. But, I do believe that, that era did contain the most originality and dedication to the art. That’s just me personally. Though I have not overlooked the dope stuff these new kids are putting out.


    • PAS says:

      “2010 was a hell of a year for hip hop.” – hell yeah, it was great! In terms as new music, it was a long time ago, so much and so good releases saw the light of day. I just ordered my copy of Apollo Kids, man what a way to close the year! For example Hell Razah, Ill Bill & Muggs, Sage Francis, Qwel, Q-Unique all did great projects at the height of their powers. Was Vessel by Dark Time Sunshine this year also? That some dope music as well. Otherwise there was a lot of tragedies, but the new music, so dope.

    • Thun says:

      Except that the comments aren’t generally positive or appreciative, at all really. They are focused on negative commentary against current artists and their fans and rely on broad generalizations. And they are repeated, AD NAUSEAM everywhere like some kind of zombie drone. You’re trying way to hard to apologize for people here. Most people who were fans of the old music while it happened are fine – there are tons of outlets for finding and hearing that music now. Nobody is sitting at home despondent over kids and their dastardly snap music. The people making these comments are most likely younger (in many cases they identify themselves as such) and have a convoluted, overzealous, uninformed view of the genre.

      • Teddy C.D. says:

        Agreed, a lot of comments actually start out as “I’m only 15 but even I think…” yada yada yada. I share your irritation. It has to be a fucking bot or something…


    Andrew Kay pretty much exemplifies the European strand of the Youtube peanut gallery Thun mentions here. Ain’t naan a whigga give a fuck about your mundane reminiscing, and memories are for faggots, son.

    I love how these dudes like Andrew talk about modern rap not living up to “the good old days” or being “soulless” when they sweat the most generic of artists/songs like that mediocre Most Wanted cut, where an interchangeable 4th rate MC Shan clone raps over breaks which were already well worn.

    Or how they complain about “ignorance” when they dismiss the entire spectrum of modern rap just because it’s dared to progress from sampling James Brown, and mutated into the richest, most diverse and idiosyncratic genre of music ever.

    UK blokes with the whole Northern Soul mentality of keeping black American music at a standstill in the past are the worst human beings ever. Go slit your throat with your latest OneLegUp 12″ of unreleased Kaos songs produced by Todd Terry, you miserable old piece of shit.


    Andrew Kay pretty much exemplifies the European strand of the Youtube peanut gallery Thun mentions here. Ain’t naan a whigga give a fuck about your mundane reminiscing, and memories are for faggots, son.

    I love how these dudes like Andrew talk about modern rap not living up to “the good old days” or being “soulless” when they sweat the most generic of artists/songs like that mediocre Most Wanted cut, where an interchangeable 4th rate MC Shan clone raps over breaks which were already well worn.

    Or how they complain about “ignorance” when they dismiss the entire spectrum of modern rap just because it’s dared to progress from sampling James Brown, and mutated into the richest, most diverse and idiosyncratic genre of music ever.

    UK blokes with the whole Northern Soul mentality of keeping black American music at a standstill in the past are the worst human beings ever. Go slit your throat with your latest OneLegUp 12″ of unreleased Kaos songs produced by Todd Terry, you miserable old piece of shit

  16. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY someone brought this shit up from the “old school” or “real hip hop” camp, at last. Man, Im goin berserk any time I wanna listen to me some nice hard jams from the days and you see literally myriads of trolls whining and moaning about the current state of the hip hop, how new rap sucks, MTV sucks, Lil Wayne and co. suck, how their favorite videos are the best etc etc.

    Man believe me, soon, Im sittin down and writing a piece on nowadays whiny bitchass “real hip hop” spirit that can not bear the facts. Even that dude, that underground dude, CelphTitled slack those bitches in one of his interviews, I mean if a cat like that understands what time it is, I think its bout time those little cats behind their monitors to buy a watch. Ill write a piece and Ill post it to you, good people at the TROY, peace

  17. andrew kay says:

    Paul C,

    The Most Wanted is far from mediocre (‘Assembly Line’ by the Commodores hadn’t been used as yet up until “Calm Down”)- what parallel universe are you from or have you reached puberty yet? Also, hold down the “faggot” comment. You certainly wouldn’t be using racial slurs in quite the same way, now would you?

    I do dismiss much of modern rap because it’s just not really up-to-much. If you weren’t around in the era I’m speaking about, then you’re getting information second-hand. At 38 I am Hip-hop- I lived through its best stages and first-hand account evidence puts your comments in the river with cement shoes.

    I’m not miserable about the music. It’s important that the art-form go in different directions, but that quality isn’t compromised. Lil Wayne is shit- not because of how he’s been embraced by teenagers and rap heads around the world, but that those kids have limited frame of reference and don’t understand or have a sense of history- therefore, they believe that Lil Wayne is good- he’s the antecedence of a score of rappers- but if you’re young enough, you’re not going to know that. Get to know that. I’m not one of the worst human beings ever or that my throat needs cutting. You need to listen to “Stan”, calm down, beat your meat and then listen to something a little less impressionable and violent for your mind.

    Please, listen to the overproduced drum beats on cheap drum machines and samplers on most of rap music nowadays. The faux orchestration, the mis-timed piano loops, the boring hooks, the lack of care and attention, the sheer corporate dog-shit your being fed as a a consumer- and you accept this? I have no problem with the art-form moving on, but did wankers like Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj have to be the standard-bearers?

    • Thun says:

      So being an MC Shan derivative in 1989 is “soulful” and “groundbreaking” but being a rapper in 2010 who has identifiable influences is some kind of cardinal sin against art?

      Deep analysis, dun.

      • done says:

        “At 38 I am Hip-hop” ha!

        krs had raps to back that shit up when he said it and even still there was a lotta backlash.

        also if all it requires to “be hip-hop” is age my mother should be able to recite the 4(or 5? i was never sure) elementz whilst beatboxing the impeach the president drums etc

        • Pooch says:

          I don’t believe that he was stating that you have to be a certain age to “be Hip Hop”.

          But, I don’t believe that he has listened to any of the “good” hip hop that is being release now. I don’t believe it is reaching his ears. If he is stating that Lil’Wayne is the torch carrier, than his view isn’t broad at all. Though I have to say that I don’t distain Lil’ Wayne anymore. He is actually nice. I don’t own any of his albums, but what I have heard over the years has actually started to impress me more.


  18. done says:

    good post but judging by the comments i think all youv accomplished is showin how none of these dudes have a sense of humour. if ever the umad? cam gif was needed its now. matter of fact if th youtube commenters actually pulled the stick out their arse theyd at least get some laughs outta the new shit they hate on.

    oh and i just realised kid (or play? who cares) photo is part of this blogs background, ha did you forget?

    im a european.


  19. done says:

    actually im irish and its kinda a grey area whether we consider ourselves european but we certainly sound funny when we rap and not many of us have sold crack, painted trains or spun about on our heads.

  20. Teddy C.D. says:

    Thun, you know I respect you, and you know that I actually agree with most of what you said in this piece. And I obviously don’t think you’re xenophobic.
    But we’ll have to agree that the “Europeans comment” is in poor taste, despite what message you really intended to convey by it. Since a good deal of our readers are European, and of course there are a tonne of Euro heads who ARE truly immersed in the hip-hop culture (which really doesn’t have a boundary). Hopefully everyone who was offended by that statement, well, isn’t anymore.
    Also, while I agree that most of the frontrunners on Youtube probably aren’t that knowledgeable in the first place, there are a TONNE of knowledgeable heads from the States/New York who probably downright despise any post-2000 rap. I mean, Bobbito himself has stated that he doesn’t care for rap music post-what, 1994? (I mean, really…?) That’s not really a geographical issue, imo. But what can you do?

    • Thun says:

      That’s exciting. Did you ask Bobbito what he thinks of Kid N’ Play, or mediocre MC Shan soundalikes?

      Also, the majority of visitors to the site are not logging in from Europe, contrary to popular belief. And I’d venture to guess that most of the ones that do are smart enough to take the comment with a grain of salt and not consider it some kind of humanitarian crisis.

      • Teddy C.D. says:

        Okay, you’ve dissed Kid ‘N Play one too many times there, buddy. If you don’t stop, I just might get mad.

        • Thun says:

          Other than Wallenrod’s site, I have never seen Kid N’ Play profiled or discussed on any bork/backpacker/throwback site. EVER. Sounds like trendy bullshit to me.

          • Teddy C.D. says:

            Meh, we all have our preferences, and honestly, I couldn’t care less if you like or dislike Kid ‘N Play. But since you brought it up, I actually haven’t met many hip-hop heads that seem to despise Kid ‘N Play the way you do. I also wasn’t aware liking Kid ‘N Play today was “trendy” at all–which is probably why those so-called bork/backpacker sites haven’t profiled or discussed Kid ‘N Play. Good music is good music. Like what you told Cenzi, let’s just agree to disagree.
            But agree that Lil’ Wayne post-Carter is white hot gawbage. For some reason, I actually like some of his Sqad Up/Hot Boys joints though…

          • Teddy C.D. says:

            You know what? These comments are going nowhere. Fuck it. I’m going to check out your new pieces and finish some of my own. lol. Peace.

      • Teddy C.D. says:

        lol how are we certain Bob wouldn’t like the GOOD MC Shan soundalikes, though?

  21. Beneficial says:

    it’s those damn russians

  22. Bush says:

    Those Euros are just mad because they hate our freedom.

    Seriously tho, I think this was a bizarrely unecessary post (maybe selfishly cathartic for Thun), but the discussion that ensued was even more terrible. Can somone just lock this somehow? Let’s move along folks.

    • Thun says:

      Yes, how selfish of me to express my thoughts on my blog. I’ll try harder to cater to your personal whims from now on and respond with enthusiasm to your every instruction.

  23. shiiiit says:

    man you can’t get mad at some kid who has had so much wack music shoved down his throat by the world to get excited when he hears a song with some banging drums and good samples. thuns post reeked of music snobbery.

    just because your 40 now and don’t feel joy anymore doesn’t mean you gotta make kids feel bad for getting excited about some good music.

  24. scjoha says:

    LOL at post and comments.
    Never cared about youtube comments. Why would anyone read them?
    The Europeans comment is fucking funny.
    I’m a German who got into rap by listening to 2 Live Crew, Ice-T, PE and Gang Starr. I dunno what a “real hip hop”, east coast head (even when he’s from London) thinks about 2 Live Crew, but it seems that starting with their music made it easier for me to get into west coast and southern music instead of being raised exclusively on a NY diet.
    Nas is my alltime fav, but Gucci Mane had much more interesting songs in the last couple of years. Gucci my fav of the 2000’s.
    Your head might explode but I can appreciate a Bangladesh or Shawty Redd banger as well as a Pete Rock or Premo bomb.

  25. RFCancer says:

    I think the problem is deeper than just “old school rap” videos, I watch alot of wrestling, and imagine in every 80’s/90’s era wrestling videos you see the same shit. Just replace “Lil’ Wayne” with “John Cena” and you get what I mean. I don’t need to know what Jake “The Snake” Roberts would do to Randy Orton nowadays. Seriously this shit is an epidemic.

    • Agreed. I think from my personal experience that it pertains mostly to music and even moreso to hip hop music in general (though I haven’t scoured and read a wealth of YouTube comments I admit) but I notice it all the time myself, regardless of the content of the video.

      People are too overly nostalgic, which I think is the main issue being discussed here. The looking back through rose colored glasses has almost completely permeated and replaced actual insightful or thoughtful commentary, which seems to me to be at the crux of Thun’s issue with and argument against such naive talk.


    And there you have it, folks – not only is Andrew Kay a hypocritical old British moron who praises mediocre music just because it’s from the golden-era/rare and who doesn’t even appear to know that were 2 uses of Assembly Line before Calm Down despite that fact that he, I quote, “is hip hop”, but he’s also a latent racist who thinks buying Streetsounds Electro albums in 1987 entitles him to dictate that black music should never have evolved beyond the shitty records about wack m.c’s by generic MC Shan clones he enjoyed as a teenager.

    Andrew, could you explain to the people how sampling 5 second snippets from Ultimate Breaks & Beats compilations is more “soulful” than actually composing music via a keyboard/instruments, or how the “overproduced drum beats on cheap drum machines” production of Hashim, Davy Dmx, Egyptian Lover, Mantronix etc differ from the alledged “overproduced drum beats on cheap drum machines” of the modern era?

  27. HIP HOP HANS says:


  28. Pooch says:

    I can’t believe this is even a discussion. The original golden era was during the Negro Spirituals and Slave Songs, everything after that was sh*t and overproduced. That was the essence.


    • cenzi says:


      • done says:

        “The original golden era was during the Negro Spirituals and Slave Songs,”

        greatest comment section ever

        also dude using mantronix/ davey dmx etc as a comparison to modern production had the right idea but “overproduced”???
        the internets: where kanyes new albums his return to stark minimalist boom-bap and sucker mcs was larry larr shouting for more cowbell on some prog rock/dewey cox with the elephants in the studio shit.

  29. andrew kay says:

    To have issues with the current state of hip-hop is not being a “latent racist.” It would be really intelligent if whomever made that comment could think about what they’re actually saying. I’m not holding anything back about hip-hop, including any hope of progression. I just find the stuff nowadays doesn’t have the freshness or hunger and seems made-by-committee. I’m not dictating anything- I’m giving an opinion. I have no more agency than anyone else, even by being a hip-hop journalist.

    You overdetermine my position, and by calling me a moron, you also weaken your argument by personalising a difference of opinion. I could say you’re racist by bringing up my being British- it has nothing to do with anything.

    Even though the originator of this thread made some very poorly though-out comments, and the journalism wasn’t exactly groundbreaking or intelligent, he’s entitled to his opinion, even though the execution was poor. He hasn’t really got any right to bemoan my supposed lack of deep thought- his wasn’t particularly insightful, especially, as when other bloggers were critical of him, he laughed it off as a joke. I suppose making silly statements on World Wide Web blogs (not just U.S, not just insulated, not just it happened here, forget the rest of the world-no wonder you don’t understand irony and 75 % of North Americans don’t have passports!) wasn’t a dumb enough move.

    Besides, when it comes to language- we started this shit, and this is all the thanks we get?

    Forgetting Most Wanted for a minute, the UK still embraced plenty of tracks that the U.S didn’t, for whatever reason, have time for. “Talkin’ All That Jazz” being one track.

    Besides, “Andrew KKK” don’t call me a racist, latent or otherwise. Hip-hop isn’t an endangered species- it’s ignorant that someone has to make points like this to give more weight to their argument by stooping to the lowest common denominator.

    I’m not from the Golden Era, but the Platinum one. That Negro Spiritual comment is really stupid as well. Hip-hop’s antecedents go back as far as that, but don’t tell me anyone really knows about this musical form. How far do you want to go back before your argument dies on its arse? How relevant can any one born in the 20th/21st Century can spirituals be?

    • Thun says:

      You have a very difficult time understanding sarcasm in its written form, contrary to the prevailing stereotype of Britons. I guess in a really small way that makes you transcendent. You also contradict yourself multiple times per sentence.

  30. andrew kay says:

    Sarcasm is difficult to gage in its written form, which is why the spoken word is the best place for the highest form of wit-especially as us Limeys perfected it, time and time again. Again, it’s difficult to take seriously someone from the U.S criticizing a Brit for being sarcastic, as it goes over you and your fellow country men like a rain that should wash away the ignorant and the misjudged.

    “Contradict myself multiple times per sentence”? That’s a value-for-money packed-to-the-brim sentence written multiple times.

    Thun? A variation on Dun or Thor? These hip-hop nicknames… they’re the height of creative zeal. (that’s sarcasm, just in case it was whipping you into a state of befuddlement).

    What’s your next insightful topic- is Nicki Minaj the new Ill Kim? (also sarcastic).

  31. hector g says:

    “I’M AUDI 5000” … AH AH CHEERS.

  32. hh says:

    Really? People that comment in a public forum should shut the fuck up, because you don’t like what they say? Wow a nazi b-boy.

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