Vaporized: Group Home Blends

Vaporized has gained fame here and back at the forum for his talent at blends. His latest project targets the beats that DJ Premier provided for the Group Home for their debut album Livin’ Proof. Ever wondered what those beats might sound like if they were matched with acapellas from other rappers? Of course you have, and now you’re going to find out for sure. 18 tracks, including vocals from Kool G. Rap, Raekwon, Mobb Deep, Nas, Biggie, and more.

Unconvinced? Here’s the streaming audio for Mobb Deep “Rare Species” blended with Group Home “Suspended In Time”:

Stop sleeping, and get the download link and tracklisting after the jump.

Group Home Blends – Download

Against The World

Mood Swing W/ Suspended In Time

NasvIs Like Unreleased_Version

AZ – So Sincere (vaporized Group Home blend)

Brandy – Wanna Be Down (vaporized Group Home blend)

Chino XL – Purple Hands In The Air (vaporized Group Home blend)

Cocoa Brovaz – Super Brooklyn (vaporized Group Home blend)

DD Crew – Ghetto Like (vaporized Group Home blend)


Kool G Rap – Real Life (vaporized Group Home blend)

LA The Darkman – I Want It all (Pradadon Group Home blend)

Little Vic ft.Kool G Rap – Caked Out (vaporized Group Home blend)

Mobb Deep – Rare Species (vaporized Group Home blend)

Nas – Shootouts (vaporized Group Home blend)

Nas ft.AZ – Life’s A Bitch (supa star blend)

Notorious BIG – Hypnotize (vaporized Group Home blend)

Raekwon ft.Fat Joe,Ghostface – Clientelle Kidd (vaporized Group Home blend)

Raekwon vs. Azad – Mainhattan

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