Nottz – The Boom-Bap Raw Vibe (compilation)

Editor’s Note: TROY Forum regular thereallex is putting together compilations of famed producer Nottz’s output. The first volume is dedicated to the producer’s more boom-bap oriented productions. He has a lot to say about Nottz’s techniques and sounds, so read up and check for the tracklisting and the link after the jump. Let us know how you like this compilation and whether or not you are eagerly awaiting more.

Nottz, born Domick Lamb in Norfolk, VA, is one of the best producers to ever bless the ASR-10 (waddup Galvatron78 !). When you hear what he makes out of this, comparing to the totally different sound reasoning, type of production, effects, and the global outcome others producers can render, it’s just astonishing. J Rawls uses it. Kankick, Mathematics, or even that dude Kanye do too, but Nottz just takes it to another level.

Strong up in the mix heavy signature basslines, typical drums, kicks and snares. He makes you hear the sound, nuttin like nerdy audiophiles aristocratic pretentions. Just making an organic structure, letting a beat breathe and make you part of the respiration, not being afraid to fill silence with a confident single dirty kick or snare, where others producers would sweat out of anxiety and fill the blank with a synth layer or a sample. And it hits hard, when you know how to listen. Makes every Nottz track an event, just to see how he reinvented his formula, even if you don’t like it, whether it be an r’n’b track for Sunshine Anderson or a club track for Little Brother. Thing is, even when the structure is complex with multiple effects, the bass / drums tandem always works, and the boom bap spirit is being taken to new dimensions.

We’ll let history have the last word on his emcee skillz, but if we all know by now he’s not the best producer on the mic, he  is definitely a decent emcee and gained fluidity in his flow and confident in his voice along the years. Just compare the 2004-2005 debut with DMP and the result on “You Need This Music”, the gap is obvious. And crossed. Just listen to the agressivity of his feature and the way he melts with the track on Edgar Allen Floe & J Wheels’s Mighty Floe Young feat Nottz & Royce da 5’9. He literally is the surprise of the track, rips it and steals it imo, though the two others do their duty no doubt.

But we’ll be on the musical tip for now, and gonna propose to you a series of several thematical volumes, one per week according to Dr. Thun’s prescription, diagnosis agreed. We don’t want you to O.D., so respect doses, meaning 24/7 and loud. Nottz has the unusual, but quite modern hustle (like Jake one and a few others do): he combines ability, power , connections and wisdom to work with top dogs selling on an international commercial level (Busta, Snoop), friends and homies from day one he still sticks with (DMP), old school icons (Scarface, Dub-C), new undie cats who are promised to so-called success (referring to Jay Electronica of course, nice emcee, but way too much buzz imo, let the future clear it, cause Papoose got that kind of “promises” too, like Freddie Gibbs has nowadays too. We’ll see…) and he even did remixes for Susan Boyle. What more do you want people ?

Nottz definitely gots that boom bap spirit living, and Busta saw it the first one, no question. Thing is Busta was supposed to be on a track that finally ended up with Dv alias Khrist and Lord have Mercy rapping over. As you may have guessed it, the track is called “Holy Water” and was featured on the classic volume one of Lyricist lounge. Busta couldn’t appear on it, and asked Nottz a beat cd. He swiftly had the beat tape from Nottz in late 98 and quickly decided to have the young Virginia producer on ELE. The result, as you know, is a three meal course opening the album and setting a tone that, to be honest, others tracks could hardly follow, though the LP is for the most part heavy and rich. THREE TRACKS IN A ROW on a Busta Rhymes album. Who can compete with that ? That was the first and second shot of Nottz in the game. The rest is history. As Nottz states himself, “After that, Busta, his mouth is a hundred feet wide, so that nigga talks. And after that word got out that I was hot. Everybody started biting onto my shit. So that is how it really came about.” By the way, Busta signed him for ELE 2, and Nottz just finished his track (he also stated in The source his joint for Detox is finished aswell. At least, we know Nottz makes Detox exist at last, Kush being a good track….produced by Khalil, with Akon just ruining the track.)

What we offer for today is the first installment of the series, the Boom bap one. It includes his productions in the late 90’s, plus the “Sound like the nineties” tracks he made lately. Enough talking, let the beats bang. Like raw.

Download: Nottz – The Boom Bap Raw Vibe

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