Ghostface Killah ft. Black Thought “In The Park”

All indicators point to this being a cut from Ghostface’s latest album Apollo Kids. It’s a great cut: the beat slams hard like ’87 era productions used to, and that’s the perfect backdrop for Ghost and Black Thought to wax poetic over rap’s halcyon days. Sergio Valente jeans, using coins to weigh down styluses, Uni markers, Rustoleum, Memorex tapes, Kangol bucket hats, the Tuff Crew, Run DMC, Cazals, shelltops, leather bombers, Public Enemy all get mentioned. Not to take anything away from Ghost’s verse and his invocation of the Cold Crush brothers and MC Shan on the refrain, but Black Thought houses this joint, delivering a flurry of Philadelphia-specific memories, making sure that listeners are reminded about Schooly D, Lady B., Camden’s Krown Rulers, Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money Marvelous, and Steady B, among others. If this is any indication of the quality of the rest of the album, then Apollo Kids is looking promising. — Thun

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5 Responses to “Ghostface Killah ft. Black Thought “In The Park””

  1. street says:

    http://blackmoes-art.bandcamp.com producer of nutmeg..

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  2. Strategy says:


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  3. philaflava says:

    I don’t see how anyone can’t think of Black Thought as a top 5 MC (now) and top 15 all-time.

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  4. SET RULE says:

    Coqui 900 !!! LOL Smoke Some Kill was the joint. Ghost was too typical .. always good to hear Thought behind grittier tracks .

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