The TROY Blog Presents 100 Greatest Native Tongues Songs (Complex.com)

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…beyond their flamboyant presentation and bohemian sensibility, the Native Tongues were about constructing haunting, beautiful songs out of the fuzzy, bassy, scratchy, nearly forgotten remnants of virtually every black American musical tradition that ever seduced mainstream audiences. With a focus on the core members, we got the good folks from The T.R.O.Y. Blog to figure out The 100 Greatest Native Tongues Songs…

We put together this mammoth list to give new jacks a guide to the Native Tongues discography and old fans an excuse to listen to these gems again with older, wiser ears. These are songs by Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Black Sheep, Queen Latifah, Monie Love, Chi-Ali, and others; can you really go wrong? March on over to Complex.com and get down with our virtual, interactive (streaming audio for every entry!) tour of one of our favorite portions of hip hop history. Hint for the impatient know-it-alls: if you hover the cursor over the menu linking to every entry, you’ll be able to see the songs in advance; we’re sure as shit not listing them all here. Enjoy!

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Special thanks to Dan, vaporized, 8ks, Espirando, pauserecordplay, and aleph for assisting us with the audio.  — Thun & Philaflava

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10 Responses to “The TROY Blog Presents 100 Greatest Native Tongues Songs (Complex.com)”

  1. Gotta say it again, this is dope.

  2. cenzi says:

    Great work!!! Was really happy to see Autobiographical on there! The write-ups were on point. My only point of debate is too much Ummah that could have been replaced, if only, by one more Latifah track.

  3. cenzi says:

    and oh yeah… where’s the download all 100 link? 😉

  4. luke says:

    man, this is epic work – thanks for throwing this all together. dudes at Complex don’t need eight ads across all 100 pages, but that’s obviously not on you! great tribute to both these ill, era-defining artists and to the kids who’ll discover them through this. huge props.

  5. MoneyMarc says:

    Yo this is extremely dope! I’ ve spent the last four hours reading, reminiscing and checking tracks that I may have never heard, heard only once or could never get my hands on. Someone has got to be compiling this to download.(Please!) I could really use this compilation in my Ipod.Props!

  6. SET RULE says:

    Fu-Schnickens ??

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