Random VLS Drops: Domestic Violence Entertainment

It might not be the greatest idea to somewhat blindly blog about a label without enough info, but I’ll put this one out there in hopes that someone can shed some more light. “Domestic Violence Entertainment Records” is the label and, as far as I know, a crew(trio? duo? one person?) called “Pretzel’s Logic” handled all the production. The label dropped 6 pieces of vinyl, as far as I know. I’m gonna bring you the full rips of the two (( On the C.H.A.O.S. remix record you’ll notice that the acronym in the remix title is “Dred” and it says it was published by “Damented Dreadz”, if that is any help at all.)) C.H.A.O.S. ((The guy rhyming from C.H.A.O.S., I guess it’s “Dred” has a style and voice that could be classified as half Buckshot and half Seven Shawn[cousin of Marley Marl and member of World Renown]. No disrespect, just sayin’.)) records in 320kbps and give you links to the other four below. For the record, for some unknown reason, the red C.H.A.O.S. record has the same exact songs on both sides. Eh.

A1. Death Stalks

A2. Death Stalks (Clean)

A3. Death Stalks (Instrumental)

B1. True M.P.

B2. True M.P. (Clean)

B3. True M.P. (Instrumental)

[Download full VLS at 320 here]

A1. Death Stalks (Da. Return. Ev. Death.) “The Iwakening” (LP Version)

A2. Death Stalks (Da. Return. Ev. Death) “The Iwakening” (Warstrumental)

A3. Death Stalks (Da. Return. Ev. Death) “The Iwakening” (Accapella)

B1. Death Stalks (Da. Return. Ev. Death.) “The Iwakening” (LP Version)

B2. Death Stalks (Da. Return. Ev. Death) “The Iwakening” (Warstrumental)

B3. Death Stalks (Da. Return. Ev. Death) “The Iwakening” (Accapella)

[Download full VLS @320 Here]

Moving right along, we have the producers behind these top notch beats on a solo record called “The Promo”.  This is where we see evidence that there are at least two members of the beatmaking crew because two people rhyme on here, possibly three. For some odd reason they take a shot at the Cella Dwellas here:

“I had it with dwelling in cellas, land of the lost,

niggaz gettin put on without paying the cost…”

I have this one, too, but didn’t rip it because the man that’s basically got the late 80’s and some 90’s indy rap record blog game on lock, hspussy, already shared it here:

“Pretzel’s Logic – The Promo”

The track to check on that one, imo, is Promo Remix – “U Can Run”. The first cat rhyming calls himself “GEE” if that’s any help, though it’s pretty generic and vague. And one emcee calls himself “Show”. I’m pretty sure there’s 3 different cats rhyming on this, but not positive. And on the label it says “produced by Kuzin Biff for Pretzel’s Logic Productions”. ((As I’m researching these records I’m seeing that my boys at Crates Of Ag already had most of this info and these records already out there. We’re just adding on from here on out.)) I’m gonna wage a guess that maybe there were 3 people involved in this beat smithing process.

On to the next one: “Bornsinnas” This one is straight from my people at Crates Of AG. They are indeed the premiere spot for mid 90’s indy joints by far, don’t sleep. I’m not really a huge fan of this record compared to the others production wise, but it seems to be the most rare out the bunch. Not that rarity should really matter, though, in my opinion.

The last group off this label is the “Natural Mystics”. And what a really perfect name for an independent group in the mid 90’s. Not that these guys were the illest to bless mics, but they were definitely adequate over some raw Pretzel’s Logic production.

Natural MysticsAin’t So / How It Go ((YES. This is the track that made me want to peep everything else they did. Nowadays, it may not be my favorite track from them, but it still has the nostalgia value for me.)) 12″ Dead link over here. So I went through my old hd and found the full rip. Here.

Natural MysticsHow It Go Da Remix / 1 Life 2 Live 12″: Full rip from the guys over at “For Indy Prosperity”.

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