Single Series: Company Flow

Company Flow dropped their debut single in 1994 on Libra Records. The year after that they dropped EP, Funcrucher on Official Recordings which was followed with two more singles also dropped on Official Recordings, Infokill and Eight Steps To Perfection. Soon after they signed to Rawkus and in 1997 dropped their full-lengh debut Funcrusher Plus who instantly became widely recognized as an underground classic. The album was followed with two more singles, Blind and Fire In Which You Burn (recorded under the name Indelible MC’s [Company Flow, Juggaknots & J-Treds]). In 1998 they released one more single, End To End Burners, also on Rawkus.

All of those singles mentioned above you can download in the following post.


Juvenile Technique VLS (1994)

01. Juvenile Technique (Radio Edit)
02. Juvenile Technique (Instrumental)
03. Juvenile Technique (LP Version)
04. Juvenile Technique (Essentials Mix)

–>Download Juvenile Technique VLS<–

More singles after the break!

Infokill / Population Control VLS (1996)

01. Infokill (Fuckin Radio Edit)
02. Infokill (Original)
03. Infokill (Instrumental)
04. Population Control (Fuckin Radio Edit)
05. Population Control (Original)
06. Population Control (Instrumental)

–>Download Infokill VLS<–

Eight Steps To Perfection / Vital Nerve VLS (1996)

01. Eight Steps To Perfection (Radio Edit)
02. Eight Steps To Perfection (Album Version)
03. Eight Steps To Perfection (Instrumental)
04. Vital Nerve Feat. BMS (Radio Edit)
05. Vital Nerve Feat. BMS (Album Version)
06. Vital Nerve (Instrumental)

–>Download Eight Step To Perfection VLS<–

Blind / Tragedy Of War In III Parts VLS (1997)

01. Blind (Street)
02. Blind (Radio)
03. Blind (Instrumental)
04. 8 Steps (Lost Mix)
05. Tragedy Of War In III Parts (Street)
06. Tragedy Of War In III Parts (Radio)
07. Tragedy Of War In III Parts (Instrumental)

–>Download Blind VLS<–

End To End Burners VLS (1998)

01. End To End Burners (Clean)
02. End To End Burners (Dirty)
03. End To End Burners (Instrumental)
04. Krazy Kings Too

–>Download End To End Burners VLS<–


Indelible MC’s – Fire In Which You Burn VLS (1997)

01. Restless In NY
02. Fire In Which You Burn (Original)
03. Fire In Which You Burn (Edit)
04. Fire In Which You Burn (Instrumental)
05. Collude Intrude (Original)
06. Collude Intrude (Edit)
07. Collude Intrude (Instrumental)
08. Collude Intrude (?)

–>Download Fire In Which You Burn<–


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7 Responses to “Single Series: Company Flow”

  1. Chris Cutter says:

    Great post. There is also a second 12 inch release by Indelible MC’s called “Weight” released on Official Recordings in 1998

    Plus two more singles by Company Flow. “Patriotism” from the Rawkus Soundbombing series and “Drum Pattern Award / Simian Drugs / Simple” on the Definitive Jux Label starring Ill Bill from Non Phixion…

  2. Markshot says:

    Thanks Chris. I know for those singles, but i wanted to post just singles which had appeared on the LP.

  3. hl says:

    Thanks for posting this.

  4. goregutz says:

    Anyone have a good rip of the EP?

  5. Versive says:

    Excellent post, thanks.

  6. Alex says:

    Great post. I’ll have to find “Weight” and “Patriotism” somewhere, I remember especially liking the former.

    One of the recent Stretch & Bob posts, from July of ’94, had “Corners” played on the show. Is there promo wax for “Corners”, or was it maybe an acetate or something given to Stretch? I think it only appears on the vinyl, not CD, version of “Funcrusher Plus”. It blew my mind hearing them play that song almost 4 years before the album came out.

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