Blogospheric Conditions: Russian Hat Wear

It’s brick out, even if you’re in Florida, it seems. Don your illest Russian military head gear, heat up some cocoa, and peruse the best of what the rap blogosphere had to offer for the last week. It beats X-Mas shopping. Links after the break, as always.

“Run;” Ghostface Killah, Jadakiss, and The RZA: Amir Said discusses the break, “the pinpoint essence of hip hop/rap music,” and how RZA creates one perfect for Ghost and Jada’s intense rhymes out of an unlikely source.

Jackin’ 4 Beats: harlemworld suggests that Puffy’s penchant for lifting “hits for the 80s” is more than just an aesthetic decision.

Ayo The Guardian: The Martorialist pays tribute to Master P’s “The Ghetto’s Trying To Kill Me.”

Meth On Films: Zilla Rocca discusses Method Man’s penchant for making references to classic cinema.

Jay-Z – In My Lifetime, Vol 1: Sach revisits Jay-Z’s unfairly maligned follow up to his universally acclaimed debut.

The Trackmasters Collection: Uggh … Nice Watch compiles the greatest tracks to emerge from the workshop of Poke and Tone.

Drinking Lemonade in the Shade, Getting Blazed With a Gang of Pilgrims: Jeff Weiss focuses on Snoop’s recent music career and insists that he’s adapted well to changing times.

The Artifacts interview : The reunited New Jersey legends El Da Sensei and Tame One discuss their plans to record a new album and tour.

Forgottten 2000s Bad Boy mixtape songs: The Martorialist curates Bad Boy gems from the last decade.

Curren$y – Gettin’ and Jettin’ (Best of 2010): Ivan compiles the best Curren$y tracks from the past year so now you have zero excuse to sleep.

MBDTF Week: Brandon Soderberg is still devoting posts to thoughtful analyses of songs from Kanye West’s latest albums. If you’re a fan of the album, consider Brandon’s annotations the essential liner notes/annotations.

Song of the day 12/10/11: Blockhead empathizes with Ras Kass’s grudge against the industry as articulated on “The Business Of Music.”

Q&A: Dan Charnas: Dan Charnas, the author of the recently published tome on the rap music industry The Big Payback discusses rule # 4,080 with Jesse Serwer.