Blogospheric Conditions: Seasonal Affective Disorder

It’s winter time in the Northern Hemisphere. You sub-tropical and tropical folks won’t feel it, but the rest of us are going to burrow close to our hearths, turn up the vintage Mobb Deep, and try to make it through the winter without developing cabin fever or frostbite or losing eyes to errant icicles. Peep some links from the past week that will make for good reading/viewing/listening, etc. after the jump as always.

“Son Of Bazerk” Pt 1 and Pt 2: Jesse Serwer interviews the eccentric PE/Bomb Squad affiliated Strong Island crew about their origins, their early 90s moment in the sun and their recent revival.

MBDTF Week: Brandon Soderberg devoted a week to picking apart Kanye West’s new album and manages to provide fresh insight in spite of the recent deluge of MBDTF reviews. His essay on “Dark Fantasy” is especially interesting.

Dear Nas Fans: The Martorialist makes a compelling case for AZ’s career superiority to Nas, and has the streaming audio to prove it.

Wobbledy Wobbledy: Noz explains the distinction between biting and refashioning influences.

Greatest Rap Songs Of 2010: hl and a team of collaborators is counting down the greatest rap songs of 2010 and giving cogent reasons why each song is worth at least a serious listen.

Really? Black Eyed Peas and Jazmine Sullivan revive the phrase, ‘Me love you long time’: Ann Powers traces the long and shameful life of a problematic meme.

Big Pun ‘Pre-Trial Motion’ promo tape (1998): DJ Step One recovers an audio artifact from the discography of the late great Big Pun.

“Keep It Thoro;” Prodigy and The Alchemist: Amir Said explains the technical process behind the creation of Mobb Deep’s signature “dark” and “menacing” sound.

The Top 30 Rap  Singles Of 2010: The Martorialist has impeccable taste, so listen and learn. “I originally intended on ranking these into some sort of hierarchy but there were so many great singles this year that it’s impossible to collate them into order of preferance yet, and Im not sure I’ll ever bother since it just seems a futile exercise to assess whether you like Hard In Da Point more than Canal Street and Top To The Bottom, or Earl more than Teach Me How To Dougie and Ric Flair when they’re all equally brilliant but just happen to serve different purposes.”

For more great links from the past week, peep Hip Hip Is Read’s Rap Round Table.


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