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Werner von Wallenrod

If you’re into hip hop music (and almost assuredly you are if you’re here reading this) and you’re not following Werner von Wallenrod’s Humble, Little Hip Hop Blog, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. Join hip hop scholar / educator and random rap specialist John McKelvey, a.k.a. Werner von Wallenrod (who gets his pseudonym from the old Dragon Lore games) and his calico cat Emma at his house in Jersey as he interviews musicians and reviews films or obscure music releases.

T.R.O.Y. Blog Video Addendum:

(In addition to this on-film mention, we’re even on his short list of blogs and sites worth checkin’ out.)

And while his text blog posts are impeccable (he has written for Diggers With Gratitude, Hip Hop Connection and The Source), to get the full overall experience, the most essential pieces are indeed his videos, which you can find on his blog here or directly on his YouTube channel here. There’s a lot to be learned, including the proper method of opening your vinyl records and what tactics to employ when repairing old, broken tapes, plus a whole lot more. So if you haven’t yet, check ’em out when you wanna kill time during some rainy day or when you’re sittin’ around bored on a lazy afternoon, there are well over a hundred of them as of right now.

I know Werner’s fellow hip hop nerds and New Jersey dwellers Thun and Verge have been keeping up with his writings; here’s a portion of what Thun has had to say about Werner’s spot:

Werner von Wallenrod is a funny, eccentric, hip hop vinyl collecting completist. For years his website had some of the most complete discographies for artists that we know and love, as well as pictures, logos and other shit you couldn’t find anywhere. More recently, Werner changed with the times and is now blogging regularly, including video blogging. He has this sort of strange, yet endearing feature where he reviews his vinyl on camera and actually puts the record on and plays it, like right in his living room and shit. Pretty cool.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

— The Big Sleep

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