Wu-Wednesday (Week 1)

Going to keep this short and sweet. Similar to what RZA has been doing, I’m going to post a Wu-Tang Clan related item every Wednesday until I run out of material. Not sure exactly how the “Home Grown Version” differs from the album version (minus the skit leading in to it), but the “Smoked Out Version” sounds more like a demo and has an extra verse. No front cover on the promo, but full scans of the back and cd are included.

Wu-Tang Clan-Method Man (Promo CD Single) (1993)
01 Wu-Tang Clan-Method Man (Radio Edit)
02 Wu-Tang Clan-Method Man (Smoked Out Version)
03 Wu-Tang Clan-Method Man (Home Grown Version)



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2 Responses to “Wu-Wednesday (Week 1)”

  1. tba says:

    Your really should call this something else… it’s gonna get mixed up by other blogs, that are going to think this is a “legit” wu-wednesday thing by the Rza. I know you could give a fuck-less, but for autistic nerds like myself – and probably a big majority of you readers (no shots), it’s an important distinction wether or not the “wu-wednesday” stuff is from The Rza or another blog.

    just my 2 cents, thank you for a great blog.


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