(Poll) Best Crooklyn Dodgers Joint?

Which one will prevail?

Does anyone like Part III? Is that an official sequel? Who decides such things? The Borough President?

Why did Jeru stop rapping like that?

Did Barbara Walters ever respond to Chubb Rock’s dis?

Was hot peas and butter a harmless urban pastime or ritualized violence?

Will rappers wax poetic about the old Yankee Stadium in fifteen years?

Videos and poll after the jump.

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10 Responses to “(Poll) Best Crooklyn Dodgers Joint?”

  1. hl says:

    I think Q-Tip took it. Between part 1 and part 2 it’s REAL close IMO though. I would say part 3 is official…because didn’t Preemo do the scratches on the record? It just wasn’t as good of a song as the others.

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  3. aleph says:

    Can an option be added to give negative points to Part 3?

  4. hza says:

    My vote: Part 1. Why?? Better track and MUCH better video. Ok. Mild breakdown:

    Beat: A close call, but Tip pull this one out (Sorry Preem). That snare was craze.
    Verse/MCing: still give it to pt1. Back n forth works better instead of the classic 3 x 1, pass the mic on pt2. +, Chubb never did it for me on hat track. Jeru is the real highlight.
    Video: Pt 1 ALLDAY. What was it like to have Iron Mike (@ the top of his game) and Jordan BOTH claim BK @ the start of the vid?? Bananas. + The Soul Train clips, splashing images of the good times we were 1nce known to partake in, + the images of rndm Brooklynites. #allday.

    Misc: Jeru shouts Iron Mike who was in the 1st vid. They brought Ace to start the 2nd track/vid. Just seems like it’s all about pt1.

  5. verge says:

    Part 2 was/is great, but Part one gotta take this cake. They both blew my mind when they dropped but Part 1, sheeeeeeiiiit….

  6. tl says:

    part III ain’t official to me. the first two were for spike lee movies and were official singles for the soundtracks. crooklyn dodgers ’95 might be the greatest instrumental ever

  7. yamotha says:

    the 4 people who voted for part 3 need to die immediately

  8. Paulie says:

    For me part 1 takes it. A few years ago i would have said pt 2 but Masta Ace was my fav verse out of all of them even tho Jeru came through. plus the first beats is just soo good, Q-tip killed it. Premo did too much with them bells ringin. overall with the video part one is just so much more entertaining and you can really feel the love in it.

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