Blogospheric Conditions: Road to X-Mas

The turkey has been devoured, the football has been watched, and the historically accurate “Nature Of The Threat” has been listened to on repeat. The air is getting colder, the days shorter, and our nation’s spending power in the wake of a super-recession will be put to the test in a major way. In the meantime, we bring you links from around the blogosphere. Hip Hop Is Read has returned after a brief hiatus from covering links with their Rap Round Table; hit that up but first check our list of additional noteworthy items after the jump.

Cormega Freestyles: Nes brings us two rare treats: one from the 1997 archives of Stretch & Bobbito and another from Pete Rock’s “Future Flavors” show some time in 1999.

Bei Ru – Sonia: RM discusses LA beatmaker Bei Ru’s physical and musical travels through Armenia, Syria, and Lebanon.

Sax, violence, and Jermaine Jackson: The Marotialist actually ties the three concepts together and in the process discusses Cormega, Master P, Curren$y, and Jacka & Ampichino.

Werner and Shawn Love Parts 1, 2, and 3: In a video interview broken into three parts, Werner Von Wallenrod sits down and discusses Trenton’s vibrant and industrious if highly localized and obscure hip hop scene of the late 80s and early 90s.

Errare Humanum Est: A Tale of Two Books: Ivan scrutinizes the claims of authenticity and accuracy undergirding Jay-Z’s treatment of his own lyrics in Decoded in order to weigh in on the controversies over transcribing methodologies inspired by The Anthology Of Rap, and in the process delivers a thoughtful defense of the continued publication of such books in spite of their flaws.

Kanye West’s Dark Twisted Fantasy – Critics Weigh In: Alvin Blanco wonders if critics jumped the gun in lavishing nearly universal high praise on Kanye’s latest effort.

A Brief Defense of what I call “Lifestyle Rap”… Mobbdeen describes the peculiar appeal of Curren$y and other rappers seemingly engaged in an arms race to come up with the most original and mellow way to talk about  “Girls, clothes, weed, cars.”

Diggin’ On The Tube: The Martorialist provides fascinating examples of impossibly rare rap songs showing up in poorly encoded youtbe videos and nowhere else, proving that even in the nanotech future the underground scene is a world of hissy multi-generation dubs.

Ganjah K “Lost In Time”: Incredible song from the mid-90s, produced by The Nonce, about travelling in time to murder pilgrims and slavemasters. I slept on this when back when Echo Leader posted the album but now the link’s dead. Still waiting on a reup. But for now you can hear the song.



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