Kanye West and Jay-Z “That’s My Bitch” prod. Q-Tip – The New Boom Bap?

Earlier this year Kanye swore that his next album would be the return of that of that ol’ boom bap. Well, My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy has arrived and while it is the critically lauded, bombastic event of an album one might expect from Kanye, and there are some hard drums to be heard on it, it isn’t anything like a 2010 version of Enta Da Stage. That’s okay because the man’s work ethic surpasses even his egotism, and he’s already leaking that are supposed to appear on his upcoming collaborative album with Jay-z, Watch The Throne. “That’s My Bitch” slams. You haven’t heard a straight ahead rap song with the potential to be played on big market radio stations during peak hours slam like this lately, unless it was repackaged as an Amerie song. I like her legs but I like rapping, too. If Kanye succeeds in getting younger listeners familiarized with *that break* and others, how can you be mad at him? This song sounds almost too 1990 to be true, as if it was dropped out of an alternate dimension where A Tribe Called Quest opted out of embarking on a mission to revive mellow fusion jazz and instead went ahead to give hip-house a hardcore facelift and mollywop all the rap-lite dance music sub-genres desperately nipping at the ankles of the Bomb Squad sound but never getting it down correctly. It reminds me of a nanotech version of the Jungle Brothers “Doin Our Own Dang,” which features all the Native Tongue heavy hitters including a young and idealistic Q-Tip and of course, cutesy lil’ Monie Love, who Kanye alludes to in a really odd punchline that I might be too sober to comprehend. Enjoy. — Thun

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