Blogospheric Conditions: More November Links

It’s been a great week for rap-related content on the blogosphere. As always, you can be the first kid on the block to get at these links if you subscribe to the All Eye Seeing feed, but if that’s not your thing, check the links after the jump.

No Sleeping On Buckwild – Werner Von Wallenrod take us through the selections that made it to Buckwild Presents, a “brand new, limited edition LP” on No Sleep Records.

Kay Slayed ’em – The Martorialist isolates the best  regionally and stylistically diverse/random posse cuts that ever popped up on Kay Slay’s mixtapes, which are “full of such songs which make KanYe’s G.O.O.D Friday marathons of mismatched personalities sound as organically communal as Day One or Watch For The Hook.”

What Is “E-Diggin'” and Why BeatTips Endorses It – Amir Said makes a case for the artistic validity of the use of internet resources to hunt for sample sources.

Understanding Kanye: Sweet, Sweet Robot Fantasy, Baby – Mike Barthel explicates Kanye’s techno-futurist tendencies: “Kanye’s career is the story of one man joining and then transcending the organization, becoming the ghost in the shell: not in the system, but of it. But even this mechanized perfection does not necessarily bring happiness, and that is the message lurking in the cybernetic heart at the center of “My Dark Twisted Fantasy.””

Z-Ro Interview and Big Pokey Interview – Jesse Serwer conducts informative interviews that center around DJ Screw and the Screwed Up Click legacy.

On DJ Screw – Noz pays tribute to DJ Screw for his abilities as a selector and consequently, a canon builder.

AZ – “Gimme Yours” (2010) ft. Josh Xantus (prod. Statik Selektah) – K-Lis explains how AZ and Statik Selektah’s 2010 remake of “Gimme Yours” is a rightful complement to the original and reflects a more modern production method.

Daddy U Represent – Werner Von Wallenrod digs deep to give us the low-down on the many slightly different versions of Grand Daddy IU’s “Represent.”

Curren$y: A Primer – The “good folks here at mobdeen” curate a collection of tracks meant to represent “an introduction for novices/attempt to track Curren$y’s career til date/some of my favorite tracks.”

Jake’s Semi-Obscure DJ Premier Productions Compilation – Jake scours the obscure part of a vast discography to school us on joints you might have missed.

On the Looming Crisis of Masculinity in Hip Hop…and why it’s a good thing – Scattered Speculations starts off this ambitious essay with a messy, overdetermined argument but ends up making some very keen observations on social media and its impact on the perceptions of fans as it relates to the sartorial and other aesthetic choices of rappers.

Kanye West – MBDTF: The Samples – Noz praises Kanye for his sampling expertise.

ON NERDS, RETRO-SOUL, AND THE STICKINESS OF WRITING ABOUT RACE – O-Dub dissects the logical inconsistencies and problematic claims of a recent NYT piece on retro-soul and “nerdiness.”

The Rap Paul Orndorff – Jeff Weiss explains the timeless appeal of Roc Marciano’s folkloric criminal raps.

RIP Harry Whitaker – Brian Digenti covers the career and legacy of the piano player behind such classics as Roy Ayers “We Live In Brooklyn, Baby.”

Pink Friday Is Good! – Brandon Soderberg discusses the merits of  Nikki Minaj’s genre bending and blending debut album.

BeatTips Daily Favorites: “The Mad Scientist;” Large Professor – Amir Said explains in copious detail why reviewers who panned Large Professor for a supposed lack of originality for his “The Mad Sceintist Single” either weren’t listening closely enough or didn’t have the technical expertise to make sense of what they were hearing.

Don’t Sign With Diddy: A History of Bad Boy Fails – Andreas Hale argues that those who do not learn from Craig Mack are doomed to end up like Cain, Loon, or Mark Curry.

Droptops & Roc Marciano Tapes – “None of these joints appear on Marcberg.” Reason enough to cop HL’s compilation ASAP.

A (Very) Brief Conversation With L.A. Jay – Boothe discusses rare Pharcyde tracks with producer L.A. Jay.



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  1. Boothe says:

    A note on my Otha Fish blog post.

    The track I posted on the site was produced by M-Love.

    Appreciate the inclusion in this post.

  2. verge says:

    Really good bunch of links here, don’t sleep.

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