Super Saturdays: Posse Cuts (Boot Camp, Shyheim, Chubb Rock, Heavy D & Bas Blasta)

If you’re like me, you have a weakness for posse cuts. There is something about the pairing of different emcees together that always sparks my interest. Sometimes the collaborations are immaculate, sometimes in-congruent but many times they’re just flat out intriguing.

Posse Cuts can create careers in just 16 bars. Verses become memorable, some undeniable classics like Kane on The Symphony, Busta on The Scenario or even Prodigy on I Shot Ya (Remix). These records define an era. When an emcee went for theirs. When there was no last-minute editing so you don’t get out shined on your own shit. If you did, you did back then. Friends, favors and fun. That is what made up the posse cuts of the 90s. Whether you were label mates, crew members, weed carriers or just fans of a specific artists you reached out because you wanted to create something, not sell a record.

After the jump are 5 tracks that capture everything that you’d could ever want from posse cut. No these aren’t the greatest of them, some are truly great though. These are 5 unique posse cuts that remind you just how much fun hip-hop can be. 

Heavy D – A Buncha Niggas feat. Gang Starr, Busta Rhymes, Rob O., Pete Rock & B.I.G.

Smif N Wessun – Cession At Da Doghillee feat. Boot Camp Click

Bas Blasta – The Rhythm feat. Lord Finesse, Fat Joe, The Beatnuts & Godfather Don

Chubb Rock – Three Men at Chung King feat. Red Hot Lover Tone & Grand Puba

Shyheim – Pass It Off (Underground Remix) feat. GP Wu & Big Daddy Kane

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TROY – Super Saturdays – Posse Cuts


{Editors Note} I’m well aware posse cuts are normally 4 or more rappers but Three Men At Chung King is too good not to be talked about.

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