Single Series: Hard 2 Obtain

Hard 2 Obtain was a hip hop group from Long Island, consisting of 2 MC’s (Taste and DL) and DJ Six Seven. They released only one album, Ism & Blues on Atlantic. The album was followed with 3 singles which you can download below.

Album itself is solid, some will say it’s underrated, other will say it’s a hidden gem. I share all of positive thoughts because I personally like this album a lot.

Production was entrusted to Stimulated Dummies, except 2 tracks which were handled by DJ Nastee. The group just disappeared after this album.


L.I. Groove VLS (1993)

01. L.I. Groove (LP Version)
02. L.I. Groove (Remix)
03. L.I. Groove (Instrumental)
04. Shit We Do (LP Version)
05. Off The Top (Straight From The 12 Block)
06. Shit We Do (Instrumental)

–>Download L.I. Groove VLS<–

More VLS downloads plus videos after the jump.

Ghetto Diamond VLS [Promo] (1994)

01. Ghetto Diamond (Clean Version)
02. Ghetto Diamond (Remix Clean)
03. Ghetto Diamond (Street Instrumental)
04. Local Hero (Clean Edit)
05. Ism & Blues (Unavailable On LP)
06. Local Hero (Instrumental)

–>Download Ghetto Diamond VLS<–

Heels Without Souls VLS [Promo] (1994)

01. Heels Without Souls (Remix Clean)
02. Heels Without Souls (LP Version – Clean)
03. Heels Without Souls (Remix Instrumental)
04. Hip Hop Lifestyle (Unavailable On LP)
05. Hip Hop Lifestyle (Instrumental)

–>Download Heels Without Souls VLS<–


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9 Responses to “Single Series: Hard 2 Obtain”

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  2. Holly says:

    I like these a lot, thank you!

  3. Taste says:

    This is Taste from Hard 2 Obtain……We appreciate the love

    • Thun says:

      Thanks for checking in! I still bump joints from that album from time to time, especially “LI Groove,” and “Bust Me Down” and the joint wit the Artifacts. And some of the b-side vinyl as well.

    • PLV says:

      Taste, Bobbito played a demo in like 93-94 of a song with a jazzy slow beat and Six Sev rhymed on it also….. i had it on a tape back then but over time lost it, do you remember what i’m talking about? Oh and by the way you guys were very dope… one of my fav albums of 94

  4. Hamza 21 says:

    Pretty dope find. Stimulated Dummies are often overlooked by many heads. They have made some great joints over the years.

  5. Slick Vicious says:

    Yea mayne, L.I. Groove waz my shit..

  6. Versive says:

    Never heard of these guys. Thanks.

  7. DL says:

    ism & blues is just fire..they should’ve put that one on the album

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