Stretch And Bobbito Focus Continues: Demos & Promos (Terror Green, Akinyele, Timbuktu, etc.)

Thanks to Irish Craig for this tape cover. Peep his blog out here for some other goodies.

You will be blessed here, believe that. But first I wanted to apologize to our readers for the down right screwy way that Stretch and Bobbito Month went down. As you probably know, our blogspot was closed down dead in the middle of SnB month which made it look like this project was brought to a cease. But it’s not, we’re going to extend this for as long as necessary. Of course, all of the posts here will not be related to SnB, but we will still steadily bring you much coverage and have an impressive arsenal on the way. So stay tuned. Press “read the rest of this entry” for some exclusive (to the internet) treats below…

Finally we have an almost full radio rip ((It’s tagged “Ben O” but I’m not sure exactly who that is since I’ve happily been inundated with Stretch and Bob material and am having a hard time figuring out who shared what at this point. All I can say is that I will do my best to credit everyone possible and that if I missed you, leave a comment.)) of Akinyele’s “No Exit Pt. 2”. ((This song was only on one record that was limited to between 10 and 18 copies, I’m hearing 17, which makes no damn sense, most recently. )) The downside is that Stretch ((Stretch must have had something to do with the label this was on, Liberty Grooves, since also the “Freestyle Frenzy” records are linked to his Dolo Records in discogs.)) runs his yap over about 15 seconds of the second verse. ((Dj Premeir’s blog made a mix of this rip from our site and the snippet from DJ Mike Nice to try to make a better rip out of it. Check that here if you’re inclined. ))  And if memory serves me correct, the other times they played this, they put the “this is a Stretch Armstrong exclusive” drop over parts of it. But we take what we can get and are thankful for it, especially if it’s free and off a several thousand dollar market value record.

Akinyele – No Exit Part 2(radio rip)

Speaking of Akinyele, we also have two promos from him that I been looking for for a while now. You’ll hear the first time he did his “Juan Valdez” shtick here, which he made a song with on that “Music Killz” compilation.

Akinyele – WKCR Promo 1 (1996)

Akinyele – WKCR Promo 2 Juan Valdez (1996)

Speaking of promos, here’s another short, freestyled WKCR promo by the underground phenoms, Non Phixion.

Non Phixion – WKCR Promo (1996)

Moving right along, do you remember a demo called “45 Stitches” by a dude called “Terror Green”? Well, dare I say, it’s a classic demo banger and had me and other tape heads fiending to hear more.  I had one other demo from him in 96 called “Check The File” but I lost that tape, weeks after recording, in a random TnT sweep. (( The following is an excerpt from the link “TnT Sweep”: Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s drug strategy resulted in approximately 886,000 people being arrested for drugs during the eight years he was in charge, an astounding average of nearly 111,000 per year, or more than 300 a day.)) Well, it’s finally resurfaced. Just from these two demos produced by DJ Nastee, you know that Terror Green should have been signed and we should have albums’ worth of discussion here, but we don’t. So enjoy what we do have.

Terror Green – 45 Stitches (1995 or 1996 Demo, produced by DJ Nastee)

Terror Green – Check The File (1995 or 1996 Demo, produced by DJ Nastee)

Aaaand, to add on to this little demo extravaganza, we have a Timbuktu joint from 1995. Timbuktu is a Swedish rapper but I dare you to find any traces of that in this demo. He kind of reminds me of OC to some degree. Anyway, the song is called “Look Alive”. Enjoy!

Timbuktu – Look Alive (1995 Demo, Sweden)

Download everything in one folder here.

The Terror Green demo, Check The File, is a major find here. Thanks to DJ Eclipse for ripping and sharing that show, ((April 18th, 1996 is the show in question that also includes sets by the X Men killin ish as usual.))  along with many others he’s been posting lately. Timbuktu’s demo and the Non Phixion promo were both from that same tape from Eclipse. The other Terror Green demo, 45 Stitches, was from an old Blockhead tape or from a tape he got from trading on the net years ago and blessed us with in the very beginning of this blog’s existence. Peace to him for that. The Akinyele promos are from a tape that Nes from Dirtywaters recently ripped for the cause, thanks. And catch 9 more demos here and many other places on T.R.O.Y.


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