Single Series: Top Quality

PMD’s protege, Top Quality never gained a level of success comparable to other Hit Squad members.

His opus consists of one album, Magnum Opus (1993) released on RCA, and  3 singles which you can download in this post after the jump.


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Northbound Renegade VLS (1992)

01. Northbound Renegade (Vocals By 5 Below)

02. Let Me Breathe

03. Who The Hell Am I

–>Download Northbound Renegade VLS<–

Magnum Opus VLS (1993)
01. Magnum Opus
02. Magnum Opus (Instrumental)
03. Magnum Opus (Remix)
04. Magnum Opus (Remix Instrumental)

–>Download Magnum Opus VLS<–

I Can’t Hear You bw What VLS (1994)
01. I Can’t Hear You (LP Version)
02. I Can’t Hear You (Ill Head Mix)
03. I Can’t Hear You (Remix)
04. I Can’t Hear You (LP Version Instrumental)
05. I Can’t Hear You (Ill Head Mix Instrumental)
06. What (Radio Version) Feat. 3rd Eye
07. What (Radio Version Uncut) Feat. 3rd Eye
08. What (Scratch Mix) Feat. 3rd Eye
09. What (Radio Instrumental) Feat. 3rd Eye

–>Download I Can’t Hear You VLS<–


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