’98 B-More Styles

Today I’d like to focus on two joints from the 1998 independent scene in Charm City. A year ago in one of our many Weekly Request Threads on the T.R.O.Y. forum, member diggy64 upped a couple rare records for us (that have spread throughout the internet somewhat). One of those is the self titled debut (and sole recordings) from the Starvin’ Art Clique, featuring MCs 30 Fingaz and Hawaii and producer Guess Who?, interview here.

Starvin’ Art Clique LP (V2)

Starvin' Art Clique

01. Rogue & Vagabond (Produced by Guess Who?)
02. Showbiz (Produced by Guess Who?)
03. The Night (Produced by Guess Who?)
04. Relations (Produced by Guess Who?)
05. Shiesty (Produced by Guess Who?)
06. Keep Pushin’ On (Produced by Guess Who?)
07. Charm City (Produced by Guess Who?)
08. Alone (Produced by Guess Who?)
09. Slackin’ (Produced by Guess Who?)
10. Keep Pushin’ On Remix (Produced by Guess Who?)
11. Poetry (Produced by Guess Who?)
12. Starvin’ Art (Produced by Guess Who?)

The other is an even more sought after EP (and only material) from Mr. Ruckuz, entitled The Verdict, the one thing released on Madd Versatile Records. This piece of wax now sells for hundreds of dollars online; download link and details after the jump.

Mr. Ruckuz – The Verdict EP (256 CBR)

Mr. Ruckuz

01. Intro (Produced by Mr. Ruckuz)
02. The Resurrection (Produced by Jay Funk)
03. Chump Change (Produced by Mr. Ruckuz)
04. Underground Anthem (Produced by Jay Funk)
05. Senselezz Murderz (Produced by Jay Funk)
06. 19 Skit (Produced by Mr. Ruckuz)
07. She Was 19 (Produced by Mr. Ruckuz)
08. Hung Jury (Produced by Mr. Ruckuz)
09. Chump Change Edit (Produced by Mr. Ruckuz)
10. She Was 19 Edit (Produced by Mr. Ruckuz)
11. Senselezz Murderz Edit (Produced by Jay Funk)
12. Underground Edit (Produced by Jay Funk)

Jay Funk also produced for Da Porkchop’s Da Nite that same year.

Both have a dozen tracks (though about half of those are clean versions on Ruckuz’ EP), both contain the entire hard to find discography from the artists as far as the public knows (except for a white label EP on Guess Who?’s Overkast Records that also has the instrumental for Starvin’ Art Clique‘s Showbiz) and both are from ’98 Baltimore indies with a single actual release on their respective labels. But despite all that, they’re fairly different musically, check ’em out.

Props to diggy64, Ministry of Information, serch4beatz and the T.R.O.Y. forums.

— The Big Sleep

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5 Responses to “’98 B-More Styles”

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  2. verge says:

    Good post. I love that “Senselezz Murderz” track off the Mr.Ruckuz LP. I don’t think I know the Starvin Artists Clique LP, but I will check now. Peace to serch4beatz, diggy64, and of course HSPussy for staying repping and ripping the rarities!

    • troyblog says:

      Thanks man, lemme know what you think of that Starvin’ Art Clique, there’s a few joints on there as well.

      — The Big Sleep

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