The Pharcyde – Heart & Soul (prod. Buckwild)

The power of the P! A few months ago Philaflava TROY forum member vaporized2 created a thread asking to help identify a few Pharcyde tracks. All of them were eventually identified but most recently L.A. Jay registered and informed us that “Heart & Soul” was actually produced by Buckwild. Something that most people did not know, let alone knew the track existed. Below two of the four tracks featured in the thread. Check ’em out and let us know what you think. –Philaflava

Heart & Soul (prod. Buckwild)

Rubber Song (prod. LA Jay)

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4 Responses to “The Pharcyde – Heart & Soul (prod. Buckwild)”

  1. andrewfrumrussia says:

    Props to LA Jay. One of my favs from that era. Only on his joints Pharcyde is sounding lika Pharcyde.

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  2. Boothe says:

    I’d like to also add to the props being handed out to L.A. Jay.

    Was a great transitionary producer for the pharcyde post “Bizarre” and pre “Labcabin”

    The Buckwild credit is some great trival. Always assumed the track was produced by someone in the group, or m-walk.

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  3. marcus says:

    i got all pharcyde albums on cd….my favorite group hands down
    next to outkast

    what about J-Swift? he was a dope ass producer for the pharcyde
    and j dilla.

    m-walks dope as well.

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