Jay Electronica “Announcement” and “Shiny Suit Theory” (ft. Jay-Z)

Just the other day we asked our readers to respond to a poll concerning Jay Electronica’s recent announcement that he had joined Jay-Z’s Roc Nation roster. Many of the respondents expressed some amount of skepticism about the decision, and I have to admit that I shared their concerns. But lo and behold, in a move that surprised damned near everybody, Jay Electronica leaked two new songs in two days after a long absence. And they are both dope as fuck; “Announcement” is well, a triumphant announcement of um, triumph, and “Shiny Suit Theory” see the god stylin’ on a classic sample like he’s sailing on a cloud.

Now, the rest of the internet already posted these songs, but I offer to you a version of “Announcement” with the sampled JFK speech excised (big up to Verge for the editing job), “Shiny Suit Theory,” plus The Ambassadors “Ain’t Got The Love” which was sampled for “Shiny Suit Theory.” And just in case you forgot, you can listen to Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s slept on single “I Got A Love” which first sampled “Ain’t Got The Love” back in 1994.

Download:  Jay Electronica “Announcement” (sans JFK)

Download: Jay Electronica “Shiny Suit Theory”

Download: The Ambassadors “Ain’t Got The Love”

Download: Pete Rock and CL Smooth “I Got A Love”

Convinced yet? — Thun

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