Poll: Jay Electronica’s Move To Roc Nation

Miss Info dropped this bomb on boom-bap-istan on Friday:

Tonight, Jay E.’s friends, family, fans and critics are packed into The Box, to announce that he’s officially part of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation roster.

Earlier I spoke to Jay E. about the big news, and his plans. He said that the actual contract was signed on Saturday, after a few weeks of intense daily communication and creative courtship.

Jay Electronica is one of the few relative newcomers to rap that the old school heads almost unanimously celebrate. I expect a divided response to this news. Some might question if a rapper committed to his craft can benefit from signing to a major label at this point in history. Other may insist that Jay’s slow output could be remedied by some Roc Nation capital and promotion. Still others might be concerned that signing on with the diamond will result in in greater stagnation. What are your thoughts? There’s no easier way to reduce a news event to reductive sloganeering than through a poll, so vote and tell ’em why u mad or not mad in the comments section. Poll is after the jump.

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