Blogospheric Conditions: November Links

The crew at Hip Hop Is Read have been holding the links game down for a while now. We here at T.R.O.Y. used to provide a weekly update which sort of dissipated into the ether for a while. Fear not, though. We recognize that today’s best bloggers are functioning as this culture’s curators in much the same way as the great college DJs of yore, and we enjoy pointing you in the direction of great content. Our reinvigorated All Eye Seeing feed is back in effect, so subscribe if you like your links in real time. For the rest of you, the highlights from the first half of November are listed after the jump.

Do or Die ft. Kanye West “Higher”: Sach O points us in the direction of this “breezy, laid back roller built on a Teddy Pendergrass sample” from the last decade as a reminder of Kanye West’s former modus operandi.

Akinyele “No Exit (Part II)”: Gigmantolon provides us with a radio rip to this Large Professor produced joint, which appeared on a 12″ that has eluded collectors to this day and is one of the most sought pieces of vinyl in rap history.

Blame Game: Moving beyond internet hype,  hl gives us a great reason to appreciate Kanye West’s “Blame Game.”

The Alkaholiks E.S.P. Demo Tape: Hiphopsite brings us demo material from the Alkaholiks when they were known instead as the “Educated Street Poets.”

Hasan Insane’s Remixes: Amir Said profiles producer Hasan Insane, focusing on his remixes, including one of AZ’s “New York.”

Joell Ortiz at S.O.B.s (Performance Review): Mills gives an extensive review of the Brooklyn Rhymer’s recent performance in Manhattan, complete with lots of great video footage.

Two From Twist: Werner Von Wallenrod looks at two vinyl releases from San Jose’s angry, militant, idiosyncratic MC Twist.

I Wish De La Soul Still Made Tracks Like This: Boothe rhapsodizes about De La Soul’s “Eye Know” (The Kiss Mix) which takes the teenage love jonesy original and gives it an erotic twist.

B-B-B-yrd Gang is The Word: The Martorialist pays tribute to the Byrd Gang circa 2005-2008, “the closest thing rap had to Mourinho’s Inter Milan side where an unlikely combination of longstanding weedcarriers and mercenary rookies were consolidated into a cogent unit and each man played his position with a brawny efficiency as he modelled his role in the group on the greats of the past…”

Notorious B.I.G. Mixtape Megapost: Jake brings us a cavalcade of Biggie compilations and mixtapes, including demos, alternate takes, unreleased, etc.

P.E.A.C.E. And Aceyalone “We’ll Blow It Up”: Alien Nation radio spotlights a mid-90s mixtape cut from 2/4 of the legendary LA group Freestyle Fellowship.

Nas “Capital Rap Show Freestyle”: DJ Step One turns our attention to a 1994 Nas freestyle on Tim Westwood’s seminal UK rap radio show.

Vinyl Reanimators Remix Collection: Jake filters his favorite remixes from the prolific Massachusetts producers into one convenient collection and explains why he thinks their version of Jeru The Damaja’s “Ya Playin’ Ya’self” improves upon the DJ Premier original.



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  2. scjoha says:

    Thank you for these links. It’s great to be pointed to interesting posts on other sites which I usually don’t check or never heard of before. That Liks/ESP post is great.
    It would be really cool if your “Blogoverse guide” would be a regular feature.

  3. Jake says:

    Thanks for mentioning my posts! Appreciated.

  4. boogiebrown says:



    GET IT @


  5. willo says:

    Hi do you have the Vinyl Reanimators Remix Collection zip file ? where can i find it ? thanks

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