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  2. aleph says:

    Paul C’s death dogs me more than any other since 1) so many dope songs (both famous and obscure) had already been blessed by his magic touch, and 2) he was on the cusp of a musical breakthrough exactly at the time hip hop was in the midst of its own renaissance.

    What would he have added to a mix that was already bursting with innovation? It’s on record that before he was murdered he was doing preproduction for Eric & Ra’s Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em LP and Latifah was on deck. I’m convinced he would have collabo’ed with LL, Nas, OC, Organized (having produced their demo), Kane, etc. The imagination runs wild. He surely would have been on the shortlist of beatsmith legends along with Marley, Pete and Primo.

  3. Joneski says:

    I wish the Turtles had never sued De La Soul
    I wish Gilbert O’ Sullivan had never sued Biz Markie
    I wish Jimmy Castor had never sued the Beastie Boys

    I wish none of those sampling lawsuits had ever happened and it was still a free-for-all!

    • aleph says:

      My second wish. What if the art of sampling was allowed to flourish without the legal assfuckery? What levels of ill would Prince Paul and De La have reached with production?

  4. cenzi says:

    I wish Guru and Premier had never broken up.

    I wish De La, Tribe, Black, Sheep and Quest had done a double LP together. Produced only by Tip, Prince Paul, Ali Shaheed and Mr. Lawnge.

    I wish the D.O.C. never lost his voice.

    I wish Puba never left Brand Nubian.

    I wish BDK never did that purple suit bullshit. Nor the black hoodie shit either.

    When I heard “Streiht Up Menace”, I really wished for another CMW album. Never got one like I expected.

    I wish Kanye would have funded “Prince Among Thieves” instead of inventing his retarded hiphop opera.

  5. Boothe says:

    I wish Snupe didn’t perform a real life interpretation of “Brown Sugar” with Casual’s sister.

  6. djfilthyrich says:

    i wish:

    – Lauryn Hill had dropped a verse on Nas “If I Ruled The World’
    – Nas & AZ did a whole album together
    – Dre would actually release Detox
    – Snoop & Dre reunited for a whole album
    – Mos Def kept on making hip hop like on his first album
    – Pete Rock & Marley Marl would open their vaults of exclusive tracks

  7. Slick Vicious says:

    -Wish Mykah 9 an Abstract Rude’s albums would’ve came out on Capital Records in 95
    -Wish Medusa’s album with Organized Noize would’ve been released
    -Wish Dr.Dre & Ice Cube would’ve did that Helter Skelter album they talked about doing around the time they released Natural Born Killers
    -Wish L.O.N.S. never broke up
    -Wish Tha Pharcyde never broke up
    -Wish Digible Planets would’ve released more albums
    -Wish 2Pac & BCC’s One Nation LP could have been completed and released

    I could go on & on but I digress… Also, co sign everyone else.

  8. 1. Wish Chi Ali never had to be on the run and did a second album
    2. Wish Consequence either was featured on Midnight Marauders or did more verses on Beats Rhymes and Life
    3. Wish Beatnuts were officially Native Tongues
    4. Wish Beatnuts did a track with The Liks
    5. Wish the Buckwild remix replaced the original Life’s A Bitch track on Illmatic and included the Deja Vu track
    5. Wish Mood did a second album before Hi-Tek fell off (if you heard the Doom album, you would think so too.)
    6. Wish Mos did another UTD album/Reflection Eternals second album was not too long after the first album
    7. Wish Wu stopped 50 when they had the chance/Biggie left to fix things with Faith a day early instead of going to the Vibe party/The Source never stopped being credible
    8. Camp Lo came out before Reasonable Doubt (that album was overshadowed plus Ski gave Jay some of the beats Camp Lo was supposed to use.)
    9. The Roots never let Beanie Sigel and Eve slip through their fingers (listen to Things Fall Apart more closely)
    10. Black Bastards was actually released. (although that might stop the birth of MF Doom)

    • 11. I Am was never bootlegged. Most likely the Jay wouldve been overshadowed if that album had released with the songs that were supposed to be on there, which Nastradamus would’ve never been released (worst Nas album ever).

  9. xcv xcv says:

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