Action Bronson “Imported Goods” Prod. Falside

Swirling cinematic backing music? Check.

Voice straight out of the Royal Flush/Ghostface school of rhyming? Check.

Flow sprinkled with tasteful use of multi-syllabic rhymes? Check.

Marvelous culinary references mixed with quirky NYC-specific imagery? Check.

Action Bronson is a real-life chef turned rapper, co-signed by Mayhem Lauren. “Imported Goods” isn’t exactly “Rainy Dayz” remix but nothing is, and this is the closest you’ll hear anytime this century, courtesy of Falside. Sometimes the perfect recipe needs to be revisited. Respect that. — Thun

BONUS: Our homie Money Daniels put together a compilation of Action Bronson tracks, tagged and ITunes-friendly: DOWNLOAD

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