Touring The States: Tucson, AZ

Oppazet – In The Beginning… (1997)

Oppazet (Opposite) is from Tucson and this is his only release.
The 1997 album In The Beginning… sounds like it came out straight from the Bay Area.

Enjoy! Here’s an audio preview; tracklisting, and download links are after the jump.

01. Interlude
02. Oppazet
03. Sometimes I
04. I Got Love
05. I Understand
06. Interlude
07. Show ’em Love
08. Roll With Me
09. Can I Make You Come
10. Real Niggs
11. Culdasac
12. True Thoughts
13. Oppazet (AZ. Mix)
14. WHAT
15. Roll With Me Remix
16. Prayer
17. Instrumental – The Harvey Mason Mix

–>Download Oppazet<–

— Markshot

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