The History of Hip Hop Radio (Stretch & Bobbito, etc.)

When it originally started, even though hip hop radio, specifically New York hip hop radio, made up less than five percent of all radio, it quickly became integral to New York and the surrounding communities, a sub-culture within the culture, exclusively for people who were in the right place at the right time and knew what was up.

Soon a small number of shows and an even smaller amount of stations (and people) would go on to both directly and indirectly influence a large portion of music, unbeknownst in the moment to a lot of the fans and even some of the artists.

T.R.O.Y. briefly covered this (a couple times in years past actually) during the start of the T.R.O.Y. Blog, when forum member Irish Craig first threw it up on his blog. Some people inevitably slept and now we’re bringin’ it back for the full feature to get everybody the right mindset for listening to Stretch & Bobbito and rap radio in general, hopefully giving those who are unaware a basic idea of what else was going on at the time.

Various Artists – History of Hip Hop Radio: New York City ’86 – ‘91 Mixtape

Tracklisting and some PDFs of Bobbito’s print journalism are after the jump.

Cover Art

01. The Awesome Two ft. Special K & Teddy Tedd on WNWK
02. Chuck Chillout KISS FM
03. Lasagne P-Fine Rap This on WNYU ft. B Boys (December 1986)
04. Who’s Gonna Carry the Whole Wheat? – Stretch Armstrong Show (1991)
05. WKCR DJ Skinny Bones Drops / IDs
06. Harry Allen DJ Search Promo
07. Microphone Prince & Count Busy D WNYE 91.5FM
08. Chuck Chillout Gets Mean on the Turntables KISS 98.7FM
09. 150 Girls Chasing Us Down the Parking Lot P-Fine, Donald D, Brother B (1986)
10. Hank Love & DNA
11. Mr. Magic on Magic 106FM WHBI
12. Jam Crew
13. The Biggest Hip Hop Club in America Union Square Commercial (1986)
14. WBLS Mr. Magic
15. Microphone Prince & Count Busy D WNYE
16. Here to Serve the Public…Not for Shout Outs Half Pint
17. Oscar’s Afro Shop Half Pint
18. Hank Love & DNA
19. Stretch Armstrong Show
20. Do the Right Thing WNWK (1989)
21. Ed’s Records Half Pint
22. Bobbito Shouts
24. 90.3FM WBAU
25. 90.7FM WFUV The Phantom
26. Cynthia from Bed Stuy Shouts
27. …Macaroni Squad Shouts WFUV

Here’s Bobbito, as a journalist rather than host, talkin’ about hip hop radio in VIBE Magazine back in the March of ’94 issue:

Real Rap Radio

Bob's Radio List

And here’s an exclusive from Vibe’s History of Hip Hop book five years later in ’99, this time with Bob mentioning all the record breaking going on in the first decade of rap radio:

Vibe History of Hip Hop

Hip Hop Radio

Hip Hop Radio Part II

Peace to AHOV from BigLOnline, Bobbito Garcia, Hot as Balls and everybody over at VIBE.

–The Big Sleep

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