Funkytown Pros: More To Gain From The Core, The Brain

Funkytown Pros “White Green”

Some of my favorite rap songs struggle to stay in a single thematic lane, often taking unexpected detours towards budding unrealized concepts. These tangential side streets remind us that self-expression is not always improved by lucidity or linearity. On the song “White Green” rapper Boiwundah of West Coast early 90s rap group Funkytown Pros ((I wrote a review for their only album, the highly recommended Reachin’ A Level Of Assassination a while back.)) provides us a glimpse into a delightfully imperfect creative process by failing to stick to the topic. His unusual delivery —he flows on beat/off beat in unpredictable patterns, frequently changing speed and inflection— complements his scatterbrained but clever lyrics. He makes a noble attempt to develop a series of racially-charged political statements based on different metaphorical uses of the colors “white” and “green” but his thoughts wander where they will. From his artistic mission statement to pondering the pitfalls of the spotlight to a debate over the merits of lyrical complexity, there’s a lot going on. The thread that runs through it all is the concept of integrity, and one gets the sense that Boiwundah’s treatment is no less insightful for having gradually bubbled to the surface of an inspired mind at play. — Thun

Bonus: Two Funkytown Pros demos that were recorded off of Kevin Beacham’s Time Travel radio show by Roy Johnson.

Funkytown Pros – The Remedy

Funkytown Pros – My Altitude

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8 Responses to “Funkytown Pros: More To Gain From The Core, The Brain”

  1. Krisch says:

    Didn’t know about these demos, is there any chance you could re-upload My Altitude? Both links go to The Remedy. Already thanks for that one!

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  3. Funkytown Pros are one of my all time favorites. It’s a shame that second album never came out. I’m still working to get it or at least the portion of it (about 1/2 an album) released). Those bonus cuts are two of the cuts…

  4. J-Zone says:

    These cats were waaaaay ahead of their time. That 12″ only instrumental “The Rhythm Fluctuator” was crazy too. Devastatin was a maniac with the beats. Whole album had a grainy / grimy sound and he’d layer like 6 loops that were technically out of key, but it would sound incredible.

  5. MANHOODLUM says:

    I remember first hearing Funkytown Pros on Def Jef’s 2nd album, and Boiwundah blew me away. His patterns were sick: “Hill-bound drowned body, Funkytown founder…”. I didn’t even know they had an album out until I saw the cd (when they used to come in the long boxes), and quickly snatched it up. The production was scattered, but unique, and sounded like someone still learning their SP. At least Dev sounded like he was trying to come original with sound. Boinwundah is still dope to me. The cd is still here.

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