Ski Beatz: True Enlightenment

Download: The Bizzie Boyz “Droppin’ It”

Ego Trip’s The Big Playback compilation hipped me to this little ditty, which Ski recorded with his North Carolina crew The Bizzie Boyz back in ’89, years before Original Flavor videos aired on BET. ((“Droppin’ It” was first released as part of the single “Droppin’ It” b/w “Hold The Lafta” and later appeared on the group’s album of the same title.)) He will never top his own rapping here. ((He’s had other good moments; check his verses on the original version of “Feeling It” with Camp-Lo and a recent freestyle.))  He sounds as triumphant and assured as his beats did back then, and as they do now on cuts like “Cream Of The Planet Earth”. ((This is the song that was supposed to feature Mos Def but for some industry poli-tricks reason appears sans vocals on Ski’s 24 Hour Karate School compilation.)) Verse one is a scathing yet smooth condemnation of  a barren, unimaginative rap scene. He offers to enlighten those who “have no grasp, no concept, no nothing“; a reference to crack addiction by way of Star Trek suggests that something bigger is at stake. MC Will-Ski’s brand of enlightenment is gradual. The second verse sees him explain how a regimen of challenging lyrics, beats, and cuts keeps his audience mentally alert. The third and fourth verses discuss the importance of originality and how commerce tends to kill creativity. The payoff is the same as it ever was: wise words pointing to artistic and personal ideals, recited with verve over drums that could puncture steel. Rapperfection. — Thun

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