T.R.O.Y. Blog’s Guide To J-Treds

J-Treds’s material is fairly elusive, but once again the T.R.O.Y. forum comes to the rescue of completists. Over time, an impressive amount of his material has been compiled on the forum and here on the blog; we can never know for certain if the whole discography is respresented, but we’re now closer than we’ve ever been. Read more about J-Treds and get your grubby Indelibles-fiending mitts on some downloads after the jump.
A while back, our friend Kimani blessed us with “The Unstoppable Bootleg” (click to download):

1. Make It Happen 5:04

2. Freestyle (ft. Louis Logic) 3:46

3. Truly Gifted (ft. Cloudkickers, Yeshua, Pumpkinhead) 4:27

4. Indelible Mc’s (ft. Company Flow & Juggaknots) 6:14

5. Fondle Em Fossils (ft. MF DOOM, Breezly Brewin’, Q-Unique, Godfather Don) [El-P Version] 3:52

6. Praise Due 5:02

7. My Piece Of Mind 3:19

8. Never To Much 3:58

9. Praise Due (Remix) 5:13

10. Reconize (Shit Quality) (ft. El-P) 3:20

11. I Will Not Lose (ft. Ken Sport) 4:19

12. This Is What Im Made Of (ft. Ken Sport) 4:09

13. General Princible (ft. Louis Logic) 4:29

14. Seven (ft. Masterminds, El-P, J-Live, Mr. Complex, Shabaam Shadeeq) 4:53

15. Fondle Em Fossils (ft. MF DOOM, Breezly Brewin’, Q-Unique, Godfather Don) [DJ Eli Version) 4:19

16. NY2K (ft. The Ancients & El-P) 5:09

17. Weak Minds (ft. Hi Tech) 3:59

18. Recognize (ft. El-P) 3:31

Around the same time, Roy Johnson laced us with a bunch of J-Treds freestyles, which you can hear and download individually here.

More recently, Aleph brought us the following tracks:

J-Treds- CM Famalam freestyle 1999

J-Treds- Never Too Much (remix)

Verge then hit us off with the following track:

Dj Spinna ft_ Breez Brewin_ J Treds – Making Your Way

Much more recently, nythugism came through with some gems:

J-Treds live @ Wetlands in NYC.


J-Treds-All My Love


Our former staff writer Echo Leader had this to say about J-Treds, for those of you new to his material:

A one-time staple of the college radio circuit, loyal backpackers will no doubt also remember J-Treds as a CoFlow affiliate and one-time member of the Indelible MCs, a loose collective of NYC underground champions that included both Company Flow and Breeze Brewin of the Juggaknots … Treds first made his mark on the legendary Indelibles cut “The Fire In Which You Burn,” one of the many timeless joints from Company Flow’s seminal debut Funcrusher Plus. He later solidified his status as talent-of-note when he released his solo debut on Bobbito Garcia’s Fondle ‘Em imprint, the now-classic Make It Happen b/w Praise Due and continued to sustain a fairly decent buzz through his appearances on not only the Stretch & Bobbito radio show, but DJ Eli’s Nighttrain show on 89.1 FM. Throughout the end of the 90’s and into the 2000’s Treds would continue to record, showing up on random Mary Joy compilations and dropping guest verses seemingly at random…some say that Treds is simply taking an extended hiatus from recording, while others claim that the man has hung up the microphone for good due to lack of interest. Still others say that J-Treds is now a high school English teacher and simply no longer has time for the rap game.

Teamwork FTW.

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26 Responses to “T.R.O.Y. Blog’s Guide To J-Treds”

  1. man i remember that cm famalam fresstyle listenign to it as it happened… yak ballz murs jean grae a couple of other folks are on that…

  2. Weng says:

    He was also featured on the Jedi Mind Tricks Track “The Executioners Dream” off Violent By Design.

  3. hl says:

    Thanks for posting this.

  4. mike says:

    Im having some trouble with the links on the page where roy johnson has his treds freestyles. Either way, a nice post !

  5. Versive says:

    Thanks for posting all of these together. “Making Your Way” is incredible.

  6. troyblog says:

    Great post. This is TROY at it’s finest.

  7. ral278 says:

    awesome work. somehow missed the “making your way” joint – that track is just amazing! thanx!!

  8. Echo Leader says:

    Great post. One of the dopest ever to do it on the college circuit, imo. It’s a shame that all of this material never yielded a proper album.

  9. jimbrownski says:

    The greatest “featuring” rapper of all time!!! Hey man, you have NO IDEA how greatful I am to find this site!!! The name of my Fantasy Baseball team this year is “Searching 4 J-Treds” – Real talk….This dude was like the best that never was in my opinion…Was blow away when I heard him on Collude/Intrude and Fire in Which you Burn on Funcrusher Plus, and then when he did that “your all bark no bite/like a Tree Trunk line” I was mesmerized by this dudes punchlines and delivery…I can’t think of another rapper that never made an offical album that blew me away the way he did other than Hood (RIP) who did the first verse on the Scenario Remix ….It was truly a pleasure being a freshman in college when Funcrusher Plus Dropped in 97 – The Indelibles changed my whole worldview on hip-hop!!! You guys beat me to the punch – I’ve long wanted to write a dedication to just how dope this dude was. I kinda love the fact he faded back into the matrix because he leaves that mythical legacy that most rappers will never have…Because whenever I used to play Indelible shit for cats that were up on the Underground then, he was always the one dude that had people like “Who the fuck was that!! Rewind that!!” Thank y’all for this!

  10. DrGunn says:

    great post, but someone marked this as illegal and it got taken down. anyone want to re-up?

  11. raf2509 says:


  12. Praverb says:

    Thank you for this…wow Treds is a beast…

  13. Bear says:

    could you please reup that bootleg?

  14. Praverb says:

    I uploaded the Unstoppable Bootleg (plus a few freestyles) to SoundCloud…thank you for the original download…


  15. WiseGuy says:

    Peace, I go by WiseGuy (WiseGuy & Gaston).
    J-Treds, Yeshua da PoEd and Breeze (Juggaknots) are 3 of my favorite underground MC’s of that era!

  16. verge says:

    we’ve got a few more treats, more demos, and better sound quality on some of these and more production credit info since this was posted so maybe we’ll reincarnate it for a future post. Glad everyone’s enjoying it, J Treds was nasty.

  17. IdolHands says:

    Yes! best day ever

  18. Gareth says:

    I’ve only just come across this post and I’m late to get hold of the Unstoppable Bootleg, is there any chance this post could get reposted with new links please?

  19. hi guys, are u on cardsapp? thanks

  20. Dad72 says:

    I missed out on the J Treds unstoppable bootleg, can someone upload the link again?


  21. SectorC says:

    Just adding my voice to the “PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE THIS AVAILABLE AGAIN!!!” chorus….

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