Single Series: Ruggedness Madd Drama

Ruggedness Madd Drama are from Philadelphia. They have released only four 12″ singles. Production has been handled by Ruggedness.

They have made also several guest appearances on Da Fat Cat Clique albums, another agroup from Philadelphia.
Ruggedness as a producer has appeared on a lot of releases which you can check on discogs page.

And now, let’s back to those singles.


Big Boyz / Comin’ At ‘Cha VLS (1993)

01. Big Boyz (Street Mix)
02. Comin’ At ‘Cha (Street Mix)

–>Download Big Boyz VLS<–
More singles and a video after the jump.
Forreal VLS (1994)

01. Forreal (Street Version)
02. Forreal (Radio Remix)
03. Forreal (Instrumental)
04. Me And My Squad
05. Checkin Down The Menu
06. Checkin Down The Menu (Instrumental)

–>Download Forreal VLS<–

Best Ones Yet [Promo] VLS (1995)

01. Best Ones Yet
02. Best Ones Yet (Instrumental)
03. Checkin Down The Menu (Remix)
04. Make U Go Crazay
05. Make U Go Crazay 2
06. Make U Go Crazay 2 (Instrumental)

–>Download Best Ones Yet VLS<–

Hustlers’ High Bw Huntin’ Park Hustlers [Promo] VLS (1997)
01. Hustlers’ High
02. Huntin’ Park Hustlers
03. Hustlers’ High (Instrumental)

–>Download Hustler’s High VLS<–


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3 Responses to “Single Series: Ruggedness Madd Drama”

  1. Freezy Pazzy says:

    Props for the upload!

    Just in case someone needs it, I did a quick compilation including these 4 VLS releases (12 vocal tracks + 5 Instrumentals)… Everything is properly tagged and normalized, for all y’all lazy motherf***ers who like to have everything in the same folder lol!

    There you go :




  2. Corbin Smith says:

    Yo, I’m from South Jersey and I have been unable to find this Ruggedness single that I heard on the Wake Up Show back in the late 90s. It was Ruggedness and two other guys (maybe Madd Drama) and the hook was with them saying “North Philly be the top of the world, real niggas…..” It maybe called Top of the World”, but I don’t know. They never said the name of the song on the show, but they said it was Ruggedness. I know that if anyone would know of this song it would be you. I need this on cd for my music collection. I’m a consumer and not a seller. I would buy this record or cd single from you. If you have a way that I can cop this, let’s do this. The beat was crazy. Please help me out. My email address is muta4202@yahoo.com.

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