Stretch And Bobbito Month: 2 Twizz Demos

Ok, so these are really from a CM Famalam Show, not Stretch and Bobbito, but Bobbito and Sear. I believe Lord Sear played these, as you hear him shout out Maleeto in the beginning. If you don’t know, Maleet (formerly Maleeto), is another incredible producer straight outta Jersey. And Twizz hails from the same town in New Jeruz: Elizabeth aka “The Liz”.

Twizz is yet another one of those guys that grew up in our era and was highly influenced by all the greats, yet has his own unique, original, and always engaging style of rhyming. Coming from an “ordinary joe” type of perspective in his flows,he goes with the alter ego of “Spaceman Spiff” for these two joints that were part of an apparently unreleased EP from around 2001. And, to say the least, it works and he kills it. On “Forever shine” he reminisces on the days of old over an indelible Maleet laced track.

Included in this link, besides the two youtube tracks, you will also get the “Spaceman Spiff” track in it’s entirety, in high quality, without any drops, courtesy of Maleet himself. So, make sure to leave a thanks to the New Jeru god for sharing this. Enough wth the yip yap, here you go:

[Download here]

Thanks to HecticEclectic at the TROY forums for the demos ripped straight of a CM Famalam tape and big ups to Maleet for providing us all with the high quality version of “Spaceman Spiff”. We all hope to hear more from Twizz and Maleet, together, in the near future…


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