When did Ced Gee fall off?

There was a recent thread about Kool Keith on our boards which raised the question when exactly did Ced Gee fall off? Some think he never fell off, while others think he never was on to begin with. Clearly there is a difference in his style from Critical Beatdown to The Four Horsemen. Many people never got used to the new style and some thought it was a self-conscious move to enhance the “space” rapper reputation that has forever stuck with Ultramagnetic. So while I’m a huge Ultra fan and can appreciate many of the absurd, abstract and just downright ridiculous verses from Ced, I ask the readers of T.R.O.Y. to let us know what you think.

When did Ced Gee fall off, or did he?

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13 Responses to “When did Ced Gee fall off?”

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  2. aleph says:

    Upon first listening to Critical Beatdown I actually preferred Ced to Keith. Keith was too nasal, Ced had that deep register that heads could take seriously back in 88. Ced matched Keith rhyme for rhyme, style for style on that record. It would have been better for him (and Ultra) if he had just stayed himself rather than try to “keep up” with Keith. That said, I never thought he was bad after Beatdown.

  3. bboy"PEXTER" says:

    First off Godfather{props everyday,allday}Don produced ALL of the Four Hoursemen so production wise you’d have to say after funk your head up,which beside Bust The Facts,the dopest track with no argument from anyone on this side was the beatminerz,PoppaLarge,{rmx}Ced is a Pillar in this music’s evolution.No Ced Gee.No Criminal Minded!An undisputable fact that even Tha’ tcha would Aknowledge!Paz

  4. NAPPIE RASH says:


  5. aleph says:


    Don only produced 4 tracks off Four Horsemen.

  6. bboy"PEXTER" says:

    Your going by liner notes,with all due respect @aleph,trust me aleph,CED wrote some rhymes so Stu Fine at Wild Pitch would ctc/$$$.Ced’s heart nor Production stamp were as we’ve seen w/CED not get’n credit.That lp is a great pre-lude to the CENOBITES.you know time frame of S&B,peep Keith’s late ’93 comment’s.Paz

    • Thun says:

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  7. troyblog says:

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