Greg Nice – Get It, Get It

I’m giving you fair warning now, this is not your typical Nice & Smooth joint. For over 20 years Greg Nice has been a mainstay in the club world. As he enters his 3rd decade into music, Greg Nice finds himself translating his mixture of uproarious rhymes and call n response routines unto a whole new generation with his solo debut, Popcyle on One Haven/Industry Rule 4080. Greg sought the production of renown club DJ’s such as Chew Fu, Aaron LaCrate, DJ Mighty Mi, DJ Say Wut and The Disco Fries, to provide an array of sounds guaranteed to keep the dance floor full, while the two key figures that helped him transition into club music Todd Terry and Louie “Phatkat” Vega, return to the fold.

I’m not mad at G-Nice because he’s given us a few decades of some classic joints, I’m just saying don’t exactly get your hopes up in thinking you’re about to hear another Hip-Hop Junkies. I can’t be the only N&S fan out there that is curious to hear what these guys are bringing these days. –Philaflava

Download: Get It , Get It

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6 Responses to “Greg Nice – Get It, Get It”

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  2. Thun says:

    Can’t say I didn’t see this coming eventually. Am I the only one who thinks his voice resembles Bill Cosby’s on the mic now, with his hipping and his hopping and his bipping and his bopping?

    I’m not sure what to think of this. It sounds like a well produced if a little cheesy. Greg seems energetic but not quite inspired … are kids going to buy this shtick?

  3. Uhhhhhhhh… Wow. That shit is straight T R A S H!!!!!! Sorry, but yeah…

    And if this is a record that Greg Nice really put out because his heart is truly in it, then good for him. It would be hard to believe that Greg Nice actually did this because of the love. haha

  4. IRISH says:

    Dont care, Greg is still nice… thanks for this

    It may end up being a full-lengther of poppy sensibilties but fingers x’d ‘Get It’ is the non-street treat to keep the kiddies satisfied


  5. steezolini says:

    paula abdul friend of yogi.a.k.a straight up booboo wack.

  6. Ben Andrews says:

    G-Nice always had his own style/sound. Always making good music and changing with the times. That’s the reason he still is the go to guy, to put that positive energy on any track. SCHOOLS OPEN DO YA HOMEWORK/RESEARCH!

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