Attn: T.R.O.Y. Readers

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14 Responses to “Attn: T.R.O.Y. Readers”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Thun Nation, Philaflava. Philaflava said: Attn: T.R.O.Y. Readers http://goo.gl/fb/UOQOr […]

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Philaflava, Philaflava. Philaflava said: Attn: T.R.O.Y. Readers http://goo.gl/fb/pO6iI […]

  3. Wicked says:

    I hope you pussies get shutdown again!!! Stealing music and making it seem like you respect the genre that you pass around more times than your mom at a frat party. I don’t play that free music shit. I will begin the crusade to end philaflava ONCE AND FOR ALL BIIIIIITCH!!!!!

    And I suck dicks too!

  4. PDL says:

    yo seeing as Wicked just declared his own dumb ass manifesto, i see no problem with ya’ll banning him and any other aliases he creates from this site. ya’ll work too hard to deal with cock sucking hip hop fan boys like wicked. end this shit once and for all.-PDL

  5. philaflava says:

    That isn’t Wicked. Wicked is a westcoast head and it’s unlikely he would post this early and despite him having beef with so many people I don’t think he dislikes the TROY blog at all or would do anything to hurt it.

    That post came from somebody from Virginia.

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  6. Thun says:

    Email and IP address are banned now anyway.

  7. Matt says:

    This blog has actually influenced me to go out and buy albums that I otherwise would not have and if the amount of time you all put into this doesn’t show respect for hip hop then I don’t know what does… can’t wait ’til this shit’s up n running again

  8. haha Naw man, that other post was not me. C’mon, I love The TROY Blog and the Philaflava Forums (even though I’m banned, but I do wanna make a comeback, Jason).

    And I like how this shit has inspired that Matt cat to go and buy some shit… That’s dope! Too bad most people only want lame mp3’s and don’t actually care about owning tapes, vinyl and cd’s. Oh well.

    Btw, why the hell is it taking so long for this Blog to come back??? I was all excited about Stretch & Bobbito month… *shaking head*

  9. Shiftshock says:

    Hope you dudes come back. this is one of my fav blogs and that stretch bobbito month sounds fresh.


  10. philaflava says:

    We’re coming back very soon. We hope Monday will be the officially launch date. Thanks for the support and help us spread the word that TROY is back.

  11. Mayhem says:

    I like how the new site looks. Can’t wait when it becomes official.

  12. troyblogforpresident@troy.org says:

    yo again…really…for being a college radio era when i was getting big promo white labels and having labels calling me to play ge 92 forward singles.not to mention all my in studio artists that came through….i can actually say this blog has brought back more memories and has re inspired me to go out and by more vinyl that i had to sell due to lack of finances at various times..most of these tracks are so obscure that for anyone to say that this blog is anything other than a movement of love for hip hop is truly not getting in….i would have to say i spent money buying more music because of troy…you can ban pirate bay…but this this is love right here..there is so much music that has not gotten its true shine..and this is a place for heads all over the planet new and old to reminicse and share stories..word is bond…i have never met anyone at troy blog but will continue to show respect for this experiment if you could call it that….b girls and b boys love hip hop and love the troy blog…..com…word up…

    and on another note…

    Yes, Stretch and Bob, WKCR this coming Thursday night, 89.9 fm 1am. RT that.


  13. troyblogforpresident@troy.org says:

    i meant to say a college radio dj…above..who reported to gavin and cmj…

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