Single Series: Al’ Tariq

Al’ Tariq, formerly known as Fashion, left The Beatnuts after their 2nd release, The Beatnuts (Self-Titled) (1994) to pursue a solo career.

He is now a member of group called Missin’ Linx, together with Problemz & Black Attack.
So here it is, 12″s coverage from his solo and only LP, God Connections, dropped in 1996, as well as two more 12″s, one dropped on Necro’s Psychological Records and the other one on a record label from Germany, 360°Records.
Here is also one track (couldn’t find the full 12″) of Fashion’s 1989 release together with G.Q.
I’ve Got To Have You VLS (1989)

Fashion & G.Q. – I've Got To Have You (Extended Mix)
Do Yo’ Thang / Spectacular VLS (1996)

01. Do Yo’ Thang (Main Version)
02. Do Yo’ Thang (Radio)
03. Do Yo’ Thang (Instrumental)
04. Spectacular (Main Version) Feat. Problemz, A-Massacre, Sean Black & Sk
05. Spectacular (Radio) Feat. Problemz, A-Massacre, Sean Black & Sk
06. Spectacular (Instrumental)

Everybody’s Talkin’ Bw Crime Pays VLS (1996)

01. Everybody’s Talkin’ (Radio)
02. Everybody’s Talkin’ (Dirty)
03. Everybody’s Talkin’ (Instrumental)
04. Crime Pays (Radio)
05. Crime Pays (Dirty)
06. Crime Pays (Instrumental)
Think Not Bw Peace Akki VLS (1996)

01. Think Not (Radio)
02. Think Not (Dirty)
03. Peace Akki (Radio) Feat. Psycho Les
04. Peace Akki (Dirty) Feat. Psycho Les
05. Peace Akki (Instrumental)
Feel This Shit Bw Black Nasty Muthafucka VLS (2000)

01. Feel This Shit (Dirty)
02. Feel This Shit (Clean)
03. Feel This Shit (Instrumental)
04. Black Nasty Muthafucka (Dirty)
05. Black Nasty Muthafucka (Clean)
06. Black Nasty Muthafucka (Instrumental)
Coolin Out / Wow Lord VLS (2006)

01. Coolin Out (Vocal)
02. Coolin Out (Instrumental)
03. Coolin Out (Accapella)
04. Wow Lord (Vocal)
05. Wow Lord (Instrumental)
06. Wow Lord (Accapella)

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4 Responses to “Single Series: Al’ Tariq”

  1. Thun says:

    Are you sure that it’s Kool Fashion on the Fashion and GQ record? Neither guy on the sleeve looks like him nor sounds very much like him for that matter…

  2. PAS says:

    Man Correct was a dope ass label, short but sweet!

  3. Boothe says:

    One of my favorite rappers in the past.

    Preferred him more as Fashion (one of the dopest rap names) than Al Tariq.

    Good post.

  4. IRISH says:

    Is there a link for the Fash and GQ ?

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