Upcoming: Stretch & Bobbito Month.

That’s right, okay, okay, okay, yo, yo, yo, whoa, ayo, here we go with the flow, Bobbito’s in the house with the mic ya know…

Aight, tune on in ’cause I got some announcements for all you party people. It’s the DJ Stretch Armstrong Show, hosted by Bobbito the Barber a.k.a. Kool Bob Love a.k.a. DJ Cucumberslice a.k.a. the King of Swing, the B-O-B, in the place to be, doin’ his thing on the M-I-C.

Cuuckooo, wooo-weee, huh-hah!

Before Fondle 'Em, CM Famalam, Boogie & the Barber, the B-Side and the Hot 97 XL show, there was a show started by two hip hop heads named Adrian Bartos and Robert Garcia.

Their show, technically Adrian’s show, first started on October 25th, 1990 as The Skinny Bonz Show every other Thug Thursday night / Friday morning at one a.m. ’til five a.m. on Columbia University’s college radio station WKCR, 89-tec-9 FM New York. But it ended November 19th, 1998 as a weekly program called The Stretch Armstrong Show, hosted by Bobbito (the Barber), featuring Lord Sear.

From the promos, exclusives, demos and freestyles (much of which can still only be heard by listening to their shows to this day) to the hilarious phone calls and conversations, this show truly had it all, shit is dumb fly and hot to death.

(Peace to Vincent Lopez from THIMK for the scan.)

Colloquially people have called it the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show, Stretch & Bobbito or even just Stretch & Bob. Voted hands down the best hip hop radio show of all time by The Source in '98, it was also hilario, never caca and as Stretch Boogie would say: It's kinda hot. Mad fresh baby pah, it still sounds milk.

Joisus Bobby, it’s Krunchtime! The phones are lighting up, let’s take some calls. The mic is open. KCR?

Yeah what up, I just wanna say if you have cassette tapes of shows to digitize, then get at me cat. Or rather, alternatively, get at one of these cats:

DJ Stretch Armstrong, Nes from Dirty Waters or Verge from Philaflava.

Just write ’em a line. Any one of those three guys will help you out if you want your tapes digitally converted to MP3 and then returned to you.

Plus you should look out for Stretch & Bobbito month on The T.R.O.Y. Blog starting in one week, October 1st, it’s gonna be celebrating the twentieth anniversary since the very beginning of The Skinny Bonz / Stretch Armstrong Show.

Oh and I wanna give a shout out to Stretch the albino ostrich and say what’s up to my homepiss Bobbito, the funky smellin’ Lord Sear, Neil, Old School Randy Rand, Kurious and the whole Constipated Monkey crew, WKCR, rock rock on…

Word up, good lookin’ out kid. Alright, we’re gonna get back into the music, we got vintage radio from the private collections, so sit back and do the knowledge as we turn up the bass, aight yo, peace.

The Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show

The Big Sleep

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