Random EP Drops: Money Boss Players – Ghetto Chronicle Daily EP

(Freshly ripped at 320kbps for your listening pleasure)

Money Side:
A1. Use To Fear Death
A2. Ghetto Chronicle daily
A3. Sat. Nite – Sun. Morn.
A4. What U Saying
Player Side:
B1. Night Night
B2. Stick-N-Step
B3. Death Of A Salesman
B4. Ghetto Chronicle Daily (Instr.)
B5. What-U-Saying (Instr.)
Here’s a straight banger that so many people missed when it came out in 1994. This is a classic EP that wasn’t promoted/distributed properly and goes for big dough online and offline.
I think the first record I had from Money Boss was the “Player’s Pinnacle” joint, the white label with black writing, not the red one.
Eddie Cheeba and Lord Tariq on the mic’s and Minnesota on the beats.
And check out some newer Boss Money stuff here.
Lord Tariq will be featured on the upcoming Amazing Maze LP and there’s been talk of a new Boss Money LP for some time now. Let’s just hope it happens. Especially after hearing the P Brothers album in 08.

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