TV Show Themes Meet Rap Tunes [Part 1]

I was just messing around on the one’s and two’s in my living room today and happened to notice quite a few records I have that sampled TV shows. Here’s just two from two different artists each. Feel free to add on in the comments, as we’ll probably be doing another installment or two of these. I know there’s more obvious ones than these, so please don’t act like Monroe in the comment section or you may get a Ted Knight caliber sonning. Well, not really, that’s about as clever as I get when typing.

The Price Is Right (Opening Theme)
Lord Digga – My Flows Is Tight
Too Close For Comfort (Opening Theme)
Lord Digga – Who You Rollin’ With
Hill Street Blues (Opening Theme) [better one here but doesn’t allow embedding]
Hi Tech – All Time Einstein
Cheers (Opening Theme)
Ei8 – Cheers (Hi Tech affiliate)

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