Kixsnare – Class of ’90s

From Europe comes one of the finest producers to emerge this decade. Kixnare is a producer from Kraków, Poland, who in 2007 released an album of remixes on the independent label East Eventz (Polish as well) called Class of ’90s. True to its name, Kixnare re-imagines ten hard-hitting classics from (mostly) everyone’s favorite decade of rap music, using an assortment of soul samples, refreshingly organic drums, rumble-tumble basslines and charming xylophone and bell loops to create a fresh wall of sound around each vocal track. Also included are two instrumentals which serve as intro and outro. Though the beats carry a newish style, nothing sounds overly polished, electro, or “artificial” on these cuts, which does wonders for a tribute to such an important era.

For lack of information on the artist, I took a quick look at his Myspace page, and he cites such influences as A Tribe Called Quest, Earth Wind & Fire, Bob James, Isaac Hayes, The Beatles, J Dilla, Sly and the Family Stone, and many more that serious producers should be digging into. Good stuff. He also lists Pete Rock as one of his “Sounds Like.” Well, that’s up for you to decide. In twenty-deca, it’s nice to see producers still putting out that ol’ boom bap.


My favorite cuts on the album have to be the remixes to Erick Sermon’s “Bomdigi” and “Remember We” by Da Bush Babees, both of which are so dope I had to post them as previews (on Youtube… DivShare is being really slow tonight):

For Kixnare to remix “Remember We” after Salaam Remi pretty much placed a chokehold on that track with his brilliant version is not something many producers would have done, but it works. And damn is it dope.

All in all, Class of ’90s is a very good remix album, and each track is worth a listen. If you dig it, feel free to support, etc. and all that jazz. Props to Onelove for the rip.


— Teddy C.D.

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