Public Enemy “Bring The Noise 2000”

I stumbled across this forgotten mix a couple weeks ago. It was one of the first things I ever downloaded from the internet. Please note that it is ripped at 128, but that’s the only way it was ever released.

As stated on the cover it's "A industrial megamix of Public Enemy hits, instrumentals, bass dubs, jamz, b-sides & unreleased solo joints." The story goes something like this: Chuck D posted this album in 1998 for free on PE's website. Parent company Polygram lost their shit and forced them to take it down thinking it would damage album sales. Really, who would ever post music for free? Chuck D was way ahead of his time.

01: There Were More Hype Believers Than Ever in ’97 (5:39)
02: Welcome to the Terrordome (X-games remix) (5:44)
03: Bring the Noise (1:59)
04: You’re Gonna Get Yours (:55)
05: Whole Lotta Love Going On In the Middle Of Hell (1:33)
06: Don’t Believe the Hype (2:01)
07: How to Kill a Radio Consultant (1:28)
08: Night of the Living Baseheads (:57)
09: Cold Lampin’ (1:18)
10: Move! (2:20)
11: Welcome to the Terrordome (3:05)
12: What Side You On? (1:07)
13: Hazy Shade of Criminal (1:40)
14: Buck Whylin’ (1:07)
15: Yo! Bum Rush the Show (1:29)
16: 911 Is A Joke (1:33)
17: Louder Than A Bomb (:50)
18: Rebel Without A Pause (1:21)
19: G’Damn That DJ Made My Day (1:05)
20: Son of Public Enemy (:32)
21: Burn Hollywood Burn (1:16)
22: Incident at 66.6 FM (1:32)
23: Live and Undrugged (1:59)
24: She Watch Channel Zero?!?! (2:30)
25: Fight the Power (2:52)
26: Mind Deep (5:09)
27: Mind Deep Instrumental (4:40)

Thanks to Dean from ShutEmDown.com for keeping this one alive. There are also a ton of other downloads available: live concerts, remixes, b-sides, cameos, etc.


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