Death Row “Demos & Rough Mixes”

I’ll start by saying that I am certainly no Death Row expert. With that now out of the way, I found this tape in my basement a few months ago and have finally got around to ripping it. I got it from another tape trader about 10 years ago and it was labeled as “Demos & Rough Mixes.” I can’t really tell if there is anything different between these tracks and the album versions. Did he just trade me a tape with hissy album tracks? If you have a good ear and can point out any differences, please leave a comment.




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6 Responses to “Death Row “Demos & Rough Mixes””

  1. Death Row Fan says:

    Thanks man! This is legit, definitely different (better) versions)!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like these guys posted this before you “found it in your basement” so I guess they must have put it back afterwards… I was wondering where the guy in the chair’s feet went. If you’re going to lie, back it up lol


  3. Death R says:

    Not even close to the same, this only has 9 tracks…

  4. troyblog says:

    Dear Anonymous,
    “These Guys” are steadybloggin.com and are a sister site to TROY. What they posted is completely different. Did you even listen to it?. Also please notice that the artwork is similar but different. That’s because I did both of the covers. And I would supposed his feet are behind the type.

    There used to be some excellent comments that broke down some of the differences on the tracks, be they got lost when the site went down last year.

    Next time, do your homework before you come in here accusing me of lying.


  5. JP says:

    Hey man can you please re post. thank-you so much, been looking for this for years!

  6. HeRBaN LyRiX says:

    Any chance on a re-up? Would be greatly appreciated…

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