The Prince Paul Produced “Horror City Demo” Goes Vinyl

If you missed our discussion on the current “limited vinyl” market, catch up and join in here. Personally, I believe the days of the $80 “new old” records are coming to an end. Prices are dropping on certain labels and the resale is not sky high like it once was, or was anticipated to be in the future, for a lot of these joints. This record is a perfect example of this theory as Chopped Herring’s last limited vinyl release was about $20 more than this one.

Remember that “Horror City” demo album that Prince Paul leaked through Facebook/Twitter a couple of months ago? Pretty damn impressive. Well, the good fellas over at Chopped Herring Records took the initiative of getting right on that and are pressing up an EP with the joints with beats that weren’t recycled for Prince Among Thieves LP.
This is one I will definitely cop. In fact, I already got my pre order in aaaand the price is right. About $25 a piece. And hey, if you don’t mess with vinyl anymore, you can always go back, download it, and throw it in your iPod or whatever for free, except for the instrumentals. Win win situation.

Peep the snippets:
Go to Chopped Herring Records and get your order in quick, especially if you want one of the colored waxes.

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