Stilltown x T.R.O.Y. present 4-1-2 Throwbacks (1992-2004)

The process of digging up and sharing more than two decades worth of Pittsburgh hip-hop material is fun, but also quite time consuming. It’s been a while since I last checked in, not that I’m lacking the music, moreso that I’m hesitant to rush out any of this music that has yet to be shared with world. While finding these treasures, I’m doing a lot of fact-checking and researching of the story behind each artist and release.

There is plenty of dope Pittsburgh music that will soon invade the blogosphere. With the explosion of Wiz Khalifa on the mainstream music scene, Mac Miller on the brink, Jasiri X carrying conscious hip-hop on his back, Shade Cobain creating the future sound of the genre, and other local acts like Ayatollah Jaxx, Kid A, and Varsity Squad on the come-up, there is no better time than now to introduce the many hip-hop artists that have worn the city’s name on their chest in years and decades passed. Here is a compilation of some music that will soon be released in-full on the Philaflava and Stilltown blogs.

01 – Crush Money – Full Tilt (Prod. by DJ Rampage) (1998)
02 – Afro Cinema – 3 1/2 Minutes of Fame (Prod. by Shamir Shine) (1997)

03 – Versemaster Sef feat. Cool Ass Doug – Famous (Prod. by DJ Melun) (1998)
04 – Pensoulzinakup [Akil Esoon, Emmai Alaquiva, Oyo] – Scat (feat. Da Selecta & B-Tree) (Prod. by Pensoulz) (1993)
05 – Rook & Bishop – Relatin to Transparent (1998)
06 – Mel-Man – The Mel-Funktion (Prod. by Mel-Man) (1991)
07 – Choked Out – The Roots of All Evil (1997)
08 – DJ Demonic – Last Nite (Prod. by DJ Demonic) (1995)
09 – Concrete Elete – Takin Over (Prod. by El the Asiatic) (1997)
10 – 4 Horsemen [Crush Money, Black Sun, I-Shine, Scandal] – Inner City Life (1998)

11 – Strict Flow – Dirt (Prod. by Strict Flow) (1997)

12 – Bravo – Slip (1997)
13 – L.A.B.R.A.T.S. – The Haunting (2002)
14 – Nabri Savior feat. Sha-King – Nabri’s Theme (Prod. by DJ Huggy) (2000)
15 – Elevated Mindz [2tymez, Random Sample, Drama J] – Trilogy (2002)
16 – EnSilence – Sick (2004)
17 – Hi-Low Productions – Hi-Speed Chase (Prod. by DJ Lord Khaos) (1997)

18 – Deadly Scribes [Dos Noun, Mic Language, Ambush, Snuff, DJ Yamez] – Identity Crisis (Prod. by Snuff) (2000)
19 – Reverrb feat CT Money [RIP] – How I Feel (2004)
20 – Deezil Money feat. Misty & Shauna Ranks – Soldier of Fortune (Prod. by G. Norris) (1997)


Check for more old and new Pittsbugh hip-hop at the Stilltown blog

-Rory D. Webb


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