Random VLS Drops: Scientifik – Lawtown ’96

(Freshly ripped at 320kbps for your listening pleasure)

A1. Lawtown ’96 The Saga Continues
A2. Lawtown ’96 The Saga Continues (Wiz remix)
A3. Lawtown ’96 The Saga Continues (Instrumental)
AA1. Internal Affairs
AA2. Internal Affairs (Wiz Remix)
AA3. Internal Affairs (Wiztrumental)
This one completely slipped by me until maybe a year or two ago thanks to the internet. And understandably so, since it was a UK only release. There’s a version of this with a sticker cover and label on Proceed Records(this is the only release from that label that I see on discogs). I believe this was the promo only copy. As far as I know, it’s Scientifik‘s very last record before his untimely death in 1998. I was always a Scientifik fan since I first heard the og Lawtown in 1994. This comes nowhere close to that but it’s pretty damn dope, in my opinion.
the winner on here, for me, is the Lawtown ’96 Wiz remix. You can see that Scientifik was further in perfecting his top notch flow and delivery. The Wiz remix of Internal Affairs isn’t a bad track at all either. I think this is one guy who would have brought us much more dope music had things not turned out how they did. Rumors were that there is unreleased material from him from maybe between 96 and 98. That’s definitely some stuff I’d like to hear one day if it exists.
Lawtown ’96 (Wiz Remix)
RIP Scientifik

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