The Source: November 1994 issue featuring Redman

This issue marked the end of The Source’s first incarnation as The Bible of Hip-Hop. The Benzino beef forced out the main staff members. Check out the following the link for the full details of this issue –


– and hit the download link below.

Source November 1994 issue

Searching for more? Hit up THIMK.

And don’t forget, the pw = thimk.

~Vincent Lopez~

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2 Responses to “The Source: November 1994 issue featuring Redman”

  1. Maeditus says:

    hello T.R.O.Y.!
    do you have any idea if Vincent will continue scanning and posting other The Source back issues? and what’s going on with his thimkingman.blogspot.com blog?
    good lookin’ out on the TROY host and site change! I wish you good luck 😉

  2. […] workin dl link for the original mag where it all began found here […]

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