Where Are They Now?: Wayne “Amar Pep” Wilkins

Back in March of ’95, Brooklyn MC and producer (Wayne Wilkins a.k.a.) Amar released a 12″ promo single on Payday Records featuring two songs (plus instrumentals), Concrete Jungle and Melody Mac, the latter included a remix as well.

Amar – Melody Mac / Concrete Jungle Promo 12″ [V2 / VBR]

01. Melody Mac
02. Melody Mac [Instrumental]
03. Concrete Jungle
04. Concrete Jungle [Instrumental]
05. Melody Mac [Remix]

(Produced entirely by Amar.)

Six months later he was featured producing and rhyming on AZ’s debut album, Doe or Die. By then the melody mac had started going by Amar Pep.

He (disappeared from the scene for more than half a decade and) suddenly showed back up with an instrumental for Kool G Rap’s The Giancana Story in 2002.

That same year (along with Woody Pak) he composed a soundtrack, creating the score for the film Black Picket Fence.

The following year had him producing a couple beats for the group Pitch Black’s Pitch Black Law project.

Amar – Production & Guest Work

(1995) AZ – I Feel For You ft. Erica Scott [V2 / VBR]
(1995) AZ – We Can't Win ft. Amar & Barsham [V2 / VBR]
(2002) Kool G Rap – Drama (Bitch Nigga) [V2 / VBR]
(2003) Pitch Black – Recognize [320 CBR]
(2003) Pitch Black – To Be the Best [320 CBR]

(Produced by Amar, AZ tracks co-produced by AZ.)

In mid-2004 he was signed to The Royalty Network, back when his work was published through Amar Pep Music.

Amar’s Forty Pull-Ups in One Minute:

Nowadays, in addition to working out and selling real estate, Amar El General is the CEO of Ivy League Entertainment (and dropped a free mixtape called What Are We Living For? in August of ’06).

(2006) Amar – What Are We Living For? Mixtape [160 CBR]

01. Intro
02. The Government ft. Danger
03. Hustlin’
04. Rather Unique
05. Ivy League ft. Dre Lamar
06. Straight Out of Brooklyn
07. Fantasy ft. Silk-E (Produced by B. Collier)
08. Treat You Bad
09. To the Flo ft. Tyrus
10. Can I Talk to You?
11. Jackman
12. What Are We Living For?
13. Bonus Track ft. Gaib

Kid Capri, Amar Pep & Freedom at B.B. King's:

His protégé Dre Lamar started putting out material on his label earlier this year.

(2010) Dre Lamar & Amar Pep – Light Up:

He also recently reappeared solo a few months ago, with a new single entitled I Can’t Call It and apparently has plans for his debut LP.

Shouts to aREAL, HQ Hip Hop, Ho1ogramz, serch4beatz and the T.R.O.Y. forum, peace.

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